Are you Ready for the New and Improved Table Wars?

We. Can’t. Handle. The. Excitement.

We’ve just re-launched Table Wars and it’s now bigger, better, and more freshly minted than ever before. This weekly promotion was already hot and heavy, but the loving team here at BitStarz has managed to make it even better with more prize money and more paid places.

We can’t contain our excitement anymore, let’s find out what’s in store for players in the brand new Table Wars – hint, we’re giving you 10,000 reasons to take it the tables!

More Cash for More Players

What’s better than cash? Nothing, right. So, we’ve taken the weekly prizes and increased them by 10x. That means that first place will now take home a truly legendary €3,000 – and that’s every week. We’ve also extended Table Wars to include the top 40 players playing table games each week. There is €10,000 in cash prizes, to keep playing those table games so you can bring home the bacon.


Another Reason to Play

We all love a few rounds of roulette, a couple of hands of blackjack, and even some live Texas Holdem poker, now you’ve got even more reason to have a cheeky game or two. There is a massive selection of live table games waiting for you, so why not indulge yourself and climb to the top of the Table Wars leaderboard? There’s potentially €3,000 in it for you!

Don’t worry though, even if you’re not the best blackjack player on the planet, we’ve got tons of helpful guides to turn you from rookie to pro in a couple of minutes. Suddenly, that €3,000 looks like it’s well within reach, right?

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2020 is just getting started and we’ve already supercharged two of the most popular weekly promos. Stay tuned to the BitStarz blog to find out which promo is getting the 2020 treatment next!