The Easiest Way to Become a Good Blackjack Player

Everyone wants to become the best blackjack player around, but there are too few guides on actually how to achieve it. So, given that we play blackjack virtually every day of the week, who better to dish out the top-secret tips to help you become a good blackjack player faster than you ever thought possible.

While there is no quick and easy fix, you can start off by making small changes to your game and mental state to help give you the upper hand. So, let’s stop waffling on and start getting down to the tips you’re here for!

Know When to Stand and When to Call

There are lots of different Blackjack tables available here at BitStarz, making understanding the perfect time to hit, stand and call critical to your game and performance. Now, some tables will have a double option too, so we will make sure to cover this too. On every table you will find the table rules printed onto the felt. Usually the dealer has to draw until 17, meaning if you have a 17 or 18, you’re pretty safe to stand. If the dealer has 15, they are forced to draw, with only 4 cards giving them a potential win. Standing isn’t a bad idea, even when you have a slightly weaker hand. It’s better to take on the dealer by standing on a 17 than by risking it all with a call.

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Next up, you need to know when to call. Calling can be a very risky move if you’ve already got a high hand. There is no point trying to chase a blackjack if you’ve got a 19 or 20, and calling on an 18 is virtually suicidal. If you’ve got a low hand or a low hand with an ace in it then it’s usually a safe bet to call. Remember that 5 card tricks payout more than a regular win, but they’re really hard to pull off. If you’re going to call, make sure you pick your moment well.

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Doubling Can Be Rewarding

Not all tables offer this bet, but some will let you double your stake and draw one more card. Now, if you’ve got a mid-range hand (between 10 and 15) then this can potentially allow you to pick up double the cash. But, if can go terribly wrong if you pull out a high value card, causing you to bust. On the other end of the spectrum, it’s a bad choice to play if you have a very low value hand without an ace. This is simply because you can only draw one card and your chances of making more than 17 with one extra card is very low. So, use the double bet sparingly.

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Don’t Chase Your Losses

It’s oh so easy to do, but when you’re on a bit of a cold streak, don’t get frustrated and chase those losses. Keep sticking to your batting strategy and be prepared to walk away from the table. It’s better to walk away with €10 left than risk it all and go home with an empty wallet. If you’re losing, consider taking a break to clear your mind and give the cards a chance to come back onto your side. Once you lose a few, your mental state will change and you’re more likely to make bad decisions, so if you notice your mood changing, consider walking away.

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Know When to Stop

On the other end of the spectrum, you could be on a crazy hot streak and you might never want it to end. However, all hot streaks come to an end eventually, so if you’re up a considerable amount, think about walking away and cashing those profits. If you don’t want to leave the table, open a new tab and cash out the majority of your winnings, allowing you to play in your hot seat with your original bankroll while protecting your winnings.

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There you have it, following these simple tips will help you become a blackjack pro in no time at all. Everyone has different luck at the tables, so be patient and take your time. Stick to the basics and you will do well, don’t let the pressure get to you. Finally, don’t let other players get inside your head in the live chat. Ignore them if they’re starting to get under your skin!