Are you Taking the Deal or Riding Your Luck in Deal or No Deal?

Deal or No Deal is a classic TV show that has been streamed to screens around the world for decades. But, now it’s time for you to stop simply watching and start playing instead. Evolution Gaming has brought Deal or No Deal to the online casino world, and the action is second to none.

Your heart is going to be in your mouth constantly, especially when you’re waiting for the banker to call with a new deal. Can you hold your nerve and beat the banker, or will you risk everything and walk away with a blue box? It’s time to put your money where your mouth is in Deal or No Deal!

Don’t Forget to Qualify

Playing the Deal or No Deal that we know and love from the TV is so exciting, but before you can pick boxes and make deals with the banker, you need to qualify. Simply pick a bet level and difficulty then spin the wheel. You need to line up three gold bars in the center in order to make your way into the next round.

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Adjusting the difficulty towards the top end makes it harder for you to qualify, but the money you can win will be greatly more. On the other hand, if you make it easy peasy then you’re going to find less money in the box. You can, however, opt to play in the middle and get the best of both worlds. Once you qualify, you can spin the wheel a few more times to add more money into red boxes if you wish – something that could work in your favor and against you at the same time.

It’s Time to Make a Deal

Don’t lie. When you’re watching the show, are you that viewer that’s screaming and abusing the participant for not taking a deal or for taking a poor deal? Well, now it’s your turn to prove just how good you are and how well your nerves hold up against the banker. As more and more boxes open, the banker will give you a new deal, which you can opt to take or leave. But beware, if you open most of your red boxes early on, you’re going to get a rough deal!

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Deal or No Deal is an epic game show game that puts you in the hot seat. The pressure is on to qualify and take the banker to the cleaners. Have you got the mettle to hang on in there and open up the box filled with goodies? Only time will tell!

Good luck!