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If you ever spent time in the forest growing up, you know it has its very own enchanting vibe. We used to love spending hours and hours just being there, as being a part of this wonder of nature was always such a great adventure. We would have our favorite trees, viewpoints and hiding places. Sure, we would also get up to no good in there and do some dumb stuff, but that’s just kids being kids as they say.

The forest sure is a magical place and Habanero has really captured the essence in Magic Oak slot!

Keep It Simple

These adventures will take you on a journey across 5 reels and 10 paylines. There is a specific mystique surrounding the game and the soundtrack really lets it come through the screen. The animals are perfectly chosen to guide you and what a solid group they are. Get ready to meet owls, warthogs, squirrels, foxes, rabbits and raccoons. It’s a simple slot, simple theme and to stay on that path, Habanero uses a wild as wild and a scatter for the scatter. Perfect!


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Magical Features

In a place like this, you know there are special magical plants, animals and features. Land 4 or more of the scatters and you will find out more. The free spins will be triggered and this is only the beginning. Each scatter you manage to land will give you 2, 3 or 4 free spins – which will add up and give you the total amount of which you are able to enjoy.


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Did we mention there is plenty of magic in these woods? On your bottom right you will see a plant that will shoot out glowing gold and blue helpers. These guys are magnificent and you can get up to 4 gold ones and 2 blue. During your free spins, the blues will turn all symbols of the same kind into wilds and the gold will replace one symbol for a wild. In other words, this is where you can really rake in a ton of crispy cash!


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Make Magic Happen!

We must admit, it is extremely easy to get lost in your own imagination in this slot. Don’t get us wrong, it is like a conditioner for the soul. We might actually consider playing the soundtrack in the office, but then again, perhaps that will make everyone a bit too mellow. Anyway, we love this slot. It has a fantastic meditational vibe and is packed with features that will boost your winnings to an extent you wouldn’t believe. The time has come for you to experience this for yourself. Go on, enjoy the power of Magic Oak slot today!