Chase the Jackpots and Win Big With These Booming Games Slots

Orbiting free spins, explosives, bears on tricycles, tornado farm life and chasing that perfect wave in your old school Volkswagen van is only a spoonful of the entertainment that’s on offer from Booming Games in the slots below. Whatever you are in the mood for, BitStarz is a one stop shop, so dig in and keep smiling!

Barnyard Twister

The twister in this slot may not be as powerful as the one that swept through the world during the Wizard of Oz but the Barnyard Twister slot will still have you seek cover. Not necessarily from the twister itself but the monstrous wins that are coming your way. Free spins and the Twister Rotator will keep you on your toes but you are not alone as all the animals are with you and you can’t find a better support system.


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Stellar Spins

Orbit the planet and get a better glimpse of what makes it so spectacular. The Stellar Spins slot gives you the chance to head up into space to not only get a better view but thanks to the weightlessness, the odds of winning apparently increases. At least that’s what some kids on the streets are saying.

Special features such as 2-way pay, expanding symbols, free spins and stacked wilds live comfortably way up there so don’t be surprised if they come knockin’.


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Surfin’ Reels

Shark tooth necklaces and the mandatory VW van is enough to know what this slot is all about. Add to that, longboards surf wax together with blond saltwater hair and within 5 minutes you’ll be wearing your boardshorts. We are hitting the waves with the Surfin’ Reels slot where you can also play a game of free spins, right there in the sand.

Surfers don’t mess around and on this particular riptide you can come across 4 tube catching jackpots that will really get the fans attention. Did we mention there is a Wheel of Fortune?


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Super Boom

Let’s get rid of some pent up aggressions by blowing up some safes in the Super Boom slot and while we are at it, why don’t we land some scatters and make a quick buck. You can enjoy up to 12 law breaking free spins and as an extra bonus they can be retriggered.

As one explosion is rarely enough to get to the cash inside, random wilds can work as a non explosive substitution but will still do the trick. 3.. 2..1… BOOM


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Booming Circus

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Booming Circus slot, where the clowns are crazy, seals are juggling and in true Russian style… bears riding tricycles. If you feel like playing hangman, you can always use the letter characters to spell C-L-O-W-N which will get you to the free spins round where the multipliers alone is worth the admission.


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Suit up for Slot Wars

Don’t forget that while you spin the reels, you should check in on the Slot Wars where you can rack up a nice piece of the €5,000 that’s at stake every week. Be sure to get into the top 40 and give your account a nice big boost.