Be the One Circling the Mega Shark Slot Reels Looking for Blood

Ever since Stephen Spielberg made sure people would stay clear of the ocean with the movie Jaws, the way people view sharks changed forever. Other Hollywood productions like The Meg, 47 Meters Down and the extremely realistic Sharknado have only contributed to an even worse reputation. Will the Mega Shark slot change our opinion? You decide.

Free spins are just as effective as a lifebuoy so you can feel safe as you take the plunge into Amatic’s shark infested waters. If you need something else to keep you afloat, grab a hold of the €50,000 max win and ride it all the way to the shore.

Wetsuit, check. Scuba tank, check. Let’s dive!

Plenty of Fish in the Sea

In the shallow water, only 5 reels and 10 lines deep, you will actually find a lot of fish and other animals that are much friendlier than the Mega Shark. The blowfish and turtle are some of them and to be fair, it feels a bit like you are on the set of another Finding Nemo sequel.


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With the €50,000 max win available for rescue, the 5,000x multiplier and a very generous 97.10% RTP, things are looking up and scraping together a small fortune should be very possible.

This is a high volatility slot but don’t worry about the shark, as winning will scare off any predators, or so we’ve been told.

This Is How You Get Free Spins

Mega Sharks aside, the king of these waters is still the bonus symbol. It may not have the sharp choppers of a shark but it does have a bigger bite. Lining up at least 3 of them will set you up with free spins.

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Depending on how many bonus symbols you manage to score, the number of free spins you will be able to enjoy will vary. Get 3 symbols and you can count on 15 free spins. However, if you can land 4 symbols, you will have 20 spins to look forward but the best deal is to score 5 bonus symbols and stack up on 30 money-making free spins!

Embrace the Multipliers

During your free spins, you will be happy to know that all your wins will come with a 3x multiplier. A boost like that can have a monster impact on your total winnings.

You will be able to retrigger the free spins as you play, so make sure the bonus symbols show up as when you play because when you run out of free spins, you will be sent back to the base game in a heartbeat.

Winning Cures Everything

We’ve always said that winning cures everything and when you line up the wins, you honestly forget all about the predator circling the reels looking for blood.

This is a pretty basic game but sometimes that’s exactly what you need and as long as the money is there, that’s all that matters. You can easily make a quick buck here so I wouldn’t even hesitate to tip your toes, legs or the entire body in these waters. Totally worth it!