What is RTP and How Can I Use it To My Advantage?

Return to Player (RTP) is a key statistic that you need to keep an eye on if you’re serious about winning when you play at casinos. This figure is the average amount of money returned to players over a set period of time – usually one calendar month. This figure is set and will not change, so once you learn the percentage for the game you’re playing, you can remember it and not worry about it changing.

But, how do I use RTP to my advantage to help me win more? Well, we’re glad you asked as we’re about to spill the beans on RTP and teach you how to use it to your advantage. Excited? So are we!

Higher RTP Means More Wins

RTP is really quite simple when you boil it down. The higher the RTP is, the more money that’s returned to players. These games tend to be labelled as low volatility games thanks to the fact that they payout more often, but this isn’t true all the time. There are some high paying high RTP slots, meaning you will see one or two mega wins that equal all the money fed into the game over the course of the month. Mega Joker slot has an RTP of 99% making it one of the highest RTP slots here at BitStarz.

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How Can I Find the RTP?

Finding the RTP of any game is quick and easy here at BitStarz. We know you need to know this information and it helps you pick games that suit your risk level. So, you have three choices. First up, head to the bottom of games where there is usually a review. Here you should be able to find the RTP rather easily. Next up, you can head into the pay table section of games, usually found by clicking the question mark icon. Alternatively, you can check out the BitStarz blog for an in-depth game review of the slot where we will detail the RTP and a few other stats too.

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There you have it, now you too are a pro when it comes to RTP. Start using this funky little statistic to boost your gameplay and bag the big wins. There are dozens of high RTP games on offer here at BitStarz, so don’t be afraid to check them out. If you’re still struggling to find a specific game with a high RTP, you can always reach out to our live chat support heroes – they will point you in the right direction!