Become a BitStarz Affiliate Today – Here’s How!

There has never been a better time to become a casino affiliate and join the BitStarz affiliate dream team. The online casino industry is booming and the opportunity to make a ton of easy money seems like the perfect setup, especially at the moment when a lot of us are being forced to stay at home. Besides having to work from home, a lot of people are spending countless hours stuck inside their four walls with nothing at all to do. We have games, promotions, tournaments, and our famous Level Up Island Adventures for them to enjoy and a great opportunity for you as a valued BitStarz affiliate.

If you are new to us and unfamiliar with the notion of being a casino affiliate, casino affiliate programs, revenue share, and what this whole mess means, no worries at all. Everybody has to start somewhere, so we are about to take a closer look at this effective collaboration with affiliates that is so popular within the casino industry and how to get a piece of the action for yourself thanks to StarzPartners.

BitStarz is an Award-Winning Online Casino

First off, let us give you a quick look at BitStarz as an online casino. Since we first stepped onto the scene and launched back in 2014, we have proven ourselves over and over through years of hard work and reached a level of being one of the best online casinos in the industry.

As the first among the online casinos to break through the barriers of allowing play with both fiat currency (Euro and other standard currencies if you’re unfamiliar with the term) and Bitcoin, we have earned respect from players all over the casino world but also very importantly our affiliates.

Focusing on a great player experience and the best slots and games in the online casino business, we have racked up some pretty big accolades over the years, such as AskGamblers Best Casino 2017, Players Choice Casino 2018, and we’re even nominated for Best Casino 2019. In addition to this, we have also been nominated for CRM Campaign of the Year and Innovation in Casino at the EGR Awards. That’s not all, as AskGamblers Affiliate Manager of the Year Srdjan Kapor is also a fixture of StarzPartners. As you can see, we don’t just talk a big game, we make sure we deliver.


What is a Casino Affiliate?

To put it simply, a casino affiliate is a money maker. As casino marketing grows so does the demand for online casino affiliates. This goes for any industry as effective affiliate marketing and smart affiliates can be one of many extremely useful marketing tools. The way affiliate marketing is being used, mostly through revenue share, means that you share casino profits, in this case BitStarz splits its profits with deserving affiliates. This type of setup with affiliates plays a big role in generating business and brand awareness at all levels across the world.

You would think that most often this is a way for companies to take advantage of affiliates to get the most out of it, but the matter of fact is that this way of doing business is very much a two way street as you, as part of an online casino affiliate scheme like StarzPartners, you can generate a nice amount of revenue share with the right scheme. In other words, a great way of making some extra income or even passive income.

The online casino and iGaming industry is the perfect setup for this type of casino affiliate programs and the two just seem to go hand in hand. Just like in many different areas, online casinos were first out of the gate when it came to casino affiliate programs and way ahead of the curve in comparison to other industries. With the right product and partnership there is a ton of money to be made for affiliates and the better your proposition to your online casino clients is, the better it is for the casino but even better for you as a casino affiliate.

How Do Casino Affiliates Work?

Joining one of the casino affiliate programs available – like StarzPartners – is easy but to get things going can be a challenge and requires a bit of work. We enjoy challenges and if you are goal oriented not afraid of hard work like us, being part of a casino affiliate program should be a lot of fun, as well as very rewarding for you.

The idea behind casino affiliate programs and being a casino affiliate is simply to promote one of the many online casino brands, in this case BitStarz casino, and make players come and play our games. As a result, you being a part of our affiliates will earn good money. The earning process comes through a revenue share in which affiliates will get a percentage of whatever profit your recruited players will generate at our online casino.

What Are the Benefits of Casino Affiliate Programs?

The benefits for the casinos and their casino affiliate programs are very simple: the casino affiliates bring in new players to their platform. Besides that, rather than having to focus on constantly having to attract new players, by working with affiliates, the casino will benefit from being able to focus fully on the management side of the casino and make sure to run their business in the best way possible. This is why affiliates programs are so popular.

These casino affiliate programs are just as simple for the casino affiliates: the affiliates will receive money by introducing new players to the casino. Not only that, you’ll bring in the cash forever, as long as that player keeps depositing and playing. The casino affiliate programs are a fantastic way of getting your hands on a nice piece of the constant growing casino action without having to put in all the hard work and money it takes to run an actual casino.

As you can tell by the above information, these casino affiliate programs can be extremely beneficial for both the casino and their casino affiliates, meaning you.

How Do I Become a Gambling Affiliate?

Becoming a gambling affiliate and joining the BitStarz Affiliate Program could not be any easier and you can start earning money from day one. All you need to do is head over to and cruise through a very simple three-step sign up process. We only need a few bits of information from you before your account can be activated and you are an official part of StarzAffiliates.

When this is done we will get you your own reference link, which is the ultimate tool you need to become one of our best casino affiliates. Soon enough after you will be able to promote BitStarz casino to your entire network and your revenue share can start rolling in.


What Does the BitStarz Affiliate Scheme Offer?

StarzPartners is a program where we give affiliates the opportunity to earn a lot of money every month, simply by giving us the chance to welcome more players through our virtual casino doors. Sounds easy enough, right?

When it comes to casino affiliate programs, it can sometimes be tricky to navigate through all the clutter. Unfortunately there are a lot of bad apples that don’t deliver on their promises. Some don’t live up to the hype while others don’t help and inspire their casino affiliates to be successful and some have a tendency to skip out on payments – BitStarz affiliate scheme is different.

Bitstarz Delivers on Our Promises

At BitStarz, being an elite casino brand, we take great pride in delivering on all our promises and we treat our affiliates as the family members they are. When it comes to casino affiliate schemes, we tossed the rulebook out the window as we prefer to do things in our own way. The BitStarz way.

For instance, we know players don’t want some lame token gestures as a casino welcome bonus, but instead they want the big bucks right off the bat. With us, new players get a jaw-dropping 5BTC/€500 and 180 free spins spread out across their first four deposits, plus 20 no deposit free spins directly when they sign up. This sort of welcome gets players excited about us and through the door to the world known as BitStarz casino. In many ways, this massive welcome bonus makes BitStarz an easy pitch to casino players around the world.

Epic Casino Promotions

BitStarz also wants our casino affiliates to succeed, as we see it as a win win for both parties. It is simple, the more money you make, the more we make. This is why we will give you as much ammunition as possible through our endless stream of epic casino promotions. Over the years we have given away lots of luxurious holidays, concert tickets, iPhones and high tech gadgets, cool BitStarz merchandise, and even tickets to the FIFA World Cup Final to our many fantastic casino players.

On top of all this, we have handed out many millions in casino bonuses, free spins and a ton of cold hard cash on a monthly basis.


Do BitStarz Offer Any Guidance for Their Affiliates?

Although we always make sure the players are given massive incentives to play with us, our affiliates are never ignored or shunned to the side. We make sure to routinely offer our casino affiliates deals that will help them boost their returns and improve the possibilities of earning more money on a monthly basis.

If you have any questions or feel like you need any help from us, just reach out and we will do our best to help your situation. Never fear, as our trusted affiliate managers are always standing by.

What Commission Rate Does BitStarz Offer?

When it comes to commissions we don’t mess around and you will never lack incentives to send new players in our direction. We will give you an opportunity to earn some of the most competitive commissions within the online casino industry and casino brands. With earnings of up to 40% revenue share every month, the possibilities for you to make a whole bunch of money are endless.

How Can I Work out My Commission?

If you want to figure out how much your commission is, your revenue share is calculated as a percentage of your Net Gaming Revenue. Net Gaming Revenue (aka Casino Profit) = (bets – wins – bonuses) – admin fee. We also have a quick little calculator on our site, which should help you further understand what you can make when you become a BitStarz casino affiliate


How Often and When Do I Get Paid?

When you work hard and keep racking up the cash, BitStarz casino will never stand in your way of getting the money. Why would we? You have earned it and it is not in our interest to keep it away from you so you can relax, lean back and expect prompt payments by the fifth of the month. No ifs, no buts, no coconuts!

How Much Does It Cost to Join?

Nothing. To join our BitStarz Affiliate Program is 100% free.

Can I Still Join Even If I Don’t Have a Website?

Of course. You don’t need to have your own website in order to be a part of our program. We won’t lie, it does help, but StarzAffiliates can supply you with all the marketing tools you will need in order to promote us offline, through skype/email, social media, or any other way.

How Can I See How Much I Have Earned?

Finding out how much revenue you are earning is easy. Every time a player comes through to BitStarz casino from having clicked on one of the links or banners you are using, there is something called a cookie that is being placed on their computer.

The point with the cookie is that every time one of the players you send over register an account with us, we can see your unique code and with that we will be able to assign that player to your specific account. After that, every time that player is active and playing our exceptional collection of games on BitStarz casino, you will earn a nice revenue share and get paid.

Does BitStarz Accept Players From All Countries?

We accept players from most countries, but not all. Please take a look at the terms and conditions for more detailed information regarding which countries are restricted.

Become a Big Earner in No Time

Since you are reading this, you have already decided you might want to become a BitStarz affiliate. Through our BitStarz affiliate program you can become a big earner in no time and there is no ceiling to how much you can bring in. We also believe in privacy so thanks to our privacy policy, all your information stays private so that is one more thing you don’t have to worry about.

Welcome to the Family!

There is a reason why top affiliates from around the world work closely with BitStarz as part of our legendary affiliate program. With all our huge promotions, hot deals, and the jam-packed assortment of slots, table games and live games, now is the time to start your own adventure and new life as a BitStarz affiliate!

Head over to StarzPartners and become part of the BitStarz family!

For more information about BitStarz exciting affiliate program, along with everything else BitStarz has to offer, please contact the affiliate team at