Plug into Our Cyber Quest – Level Up Adventure and Play For €70k!

Are you ready to plug in and upgrade your reality to the luminous streets of the future where €70,000 in prizes are waiting to be discovered?

Yeah? Then upload your consciousness to the cyborg-run world of our new Cyber Quest – Level Up Adventure. The stakes are high, but the rewards are worth it.

If you can avoid the scanners and patrol drones and make it down to Level 41, then you’ll win €20,000 in cash. There’s also a share of €50,000 in prizes to be claimed along the way.

Show off your skills and take your place at the top of the leaderboard in BitStarz’s newest, Cyberpunk-inspired Level Up promotion!

Don’t get left in the gutter, join the quest and make it out on top. Let’s go!

Upgrade your future at BitStarz

If you’re a Tron fan, then this promotion is right up your neon-lit alley. And if you aren’t, then picture this: imagine a world where the lines between humanity and technology slowly start to disappear, where man and robot become one.

Well, it is in this digital utopia that BitStarz’s latest Level Up Adventure is set – complete with one of the coolest maps we’ve ever created!

You’ll be navigating your way through a maze of scanning devices, flying cars, and cyborgs to reach the grand prize of €20,000 in cash. But as you glide along, you’ll pick up prizes allocated just to you, to the value of €50,000. Use these victories to help you through.


Show off your skills and seize the gold

Jump on your Light Cycle and hold on tight, because the Cyber Quest – Level Up Adventure is one hell of a ride to revolutionary riches – so, here’s how you play:

Our past Level Up promotions usually consisted of a 40 level map for you to hover across until one lucky player reached the end and claimed the grand €10,000 prize. Oh, things have changed, and for the better!

Now, we have 41 levels for you to pass, with excellent prizes to redeem as you go along, and a €20,000 grand cash prize for all players who finish the quest, and pass Level 41.

All it takes to make your mark in the neon-future is to play any BitStarz game, including slots and table games, to accumulate points and climb the leaderboard!

Step out the shadows and win!

Now is the time to hit the digital frontier in search of your €70,000 fame and fortune!

This legendary BitStarz promotion is sure to get your cyberpunk adrenalin flowing – so be sure to play BitStarz games from now until 18 August.

This gives you ample time to cruise down the robot-ridden of our Cyber Quest – Level Up Adventure and make it to the penultimate level that awards €20,000 in cash.

You’ve got this!