BitStarz is amped to reveal its fresh new look!

They say that change is as good as a holiday… Well, there is no time like the present for an awesome change of scenery at your favorite online casino, BitStarz.

BitStarz is amped to be revealing its fresh new look to its players with the launch of its redesigned website. This award-winning casino always goes over and above for the love of its players, and with its new website, BitStarz is giving you MORE – more categories, more convenience, more features, more fun and more still to come!

It takes an army of skilled designers and developers to pull off what BitStarz has just done, and the reception from its player community has been massive. Players know they can always count on BitStarz to bring the flair, and it has sure stepped out in style with its modern look and completely new color palette.

More categories…

At BitStarz, it’s all about being big and bold, and this is what our redesigned website is all about too. Players now have more categories to choose from than ever before.

They can now choose to play Hot Games, Cold Games, Megaways Games, Buy Bonus Games, “Book Of” Games, Fruit Games, and Jackpot Games with the click of a button – no more searching needed, woohoo!

What’s also new in the games department is the modern spin on browsing through games. Players can now scroll through BitStarz many games using horizontal sliders, which makes things more accessible.


More convenience…

As if making its games all that more easy to find wasn’t enough, BitStarz went further by adding a Promotions category in its game section, so players never have to look far for what’s hot and happening.


In this redesign, players can now see their Biggest Wins too which wasn’t something BitStarz website showed you before. If you’re the competitive type, you can use this as your own benchmark to exceed, or simply use it for inspiration. Either way, you’ve got it!

Also making things more convenient for players is the Search tool has been improved too! The new Search design and functionality works like a charm and search results now show a list of full-sized game thumbs.

Navigating through games isn’t only made easier with the use of horizontal sliders and more categories, but players can also simply click on a software providers’ icon inside a game card to get a list of all their games.

More features…

BitStarz has also renewed and improved its deposit features on its site so that players can easily see, in real-time, the Average Cashout Time, what the Total Jackpot to be Won is, what the Rate of Support is, and how many New Games there are to play in the game counter. These features are now all live and work to give players an up-to-the-minute view of what’s happening at their favorite online casino!


More fun…

With more fantastic innovations, comes more fun to be had with BitStarz’ redesigned website. BitStarz stays up with the trends and it has embraced the worldwide GIF phenomenon which has been implemented in its Search tool.

Should BitStarz be unable to find results for your search, players will be presented with a Pulp Fiction moment – a lost and dazed Vincent Vega.


More coming soon!

BitStarz isn’t finished yet… There are super cool features still to come in the upcoming weeks as part of the website redesign.

One of the most exciting features is the one that allows players to customize their own homepage, where they can reorder the game categories to their liking. Players will also be able to search for game studios using the Search tool. And, soon, the Search tool will also begin to show the most relevant results and check for misspelled keywords.

BitStarz looks better than ever!

It’s always fun to explore new things, and BitStarz gives you the freedom to do so because not only have these features been redesigned… the entire website has. This means the famous BitStarz Blog has a new and exciting look too.


A lot of love was also put into BitStarz mobile version! Players using mobile devices have been spoilt with all new game artwork, and new portrait game card designs – which took months of hard work and dedication from world-class designers and developers. The new BitStarz mobile experience is now way faster and smoother for BitStarz’s on-the-go players.

BitStarz’ bold new look will have you heading off on a new adventure in no time, so jump on board and let your online casino of choice take you on a seamless ride to riches with its fresh design.