The Top 5 Spookiest Belatra Slots for Scary Wins This Halloween!

Halloween is so close you can almost taste the horror and smell the fear as all the ghouls and ghosts and witches draw near. And you know what that means! It’s time to get creepy on the reels in our spookiest slots to celebrate this ghastly eve of horror and fright, and of course, snatch a few terrifying wins while you’re at it, right?

We’re haunting you for an entire week with some of the scariest slots from our leading game providers. Today, we call on Belatra Games to bring on the goosebumps. Get ready to have your bones rattled and your spine chilled because if you’re brave enough to endure these reels, you might end up with your coffers stacked and pockets filled.

Let’s start this spooky Belatra adventure off in a place where most adventures end – the graveyard!

Winning Is of Grave Importance in Halloween Jackpot Slot

With a 3-reel gravestone planted in an eerie cemetery and a zombie’s hand clutching the spin button, Halloween Jackpot slot is the perfect thriller to get you spooked and hooked on the wins. The game features 8 comical symbols with a wacky ghost, a jack-o’-lantern, a witch’s cauldron, socketless eyeballs, and a bag of treats among others.


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Only 5 paylines are present for this weirdly horrifying yet amusing event, but that’s more than enough to rob this grave of its undying riches. You’ll need to play your way through the high volatility and land 9 identical symbols on the reels to reach the bonus game but fear not – the screams are worth it in the end.

If you can bear the spookiness and withhold the scare, you’ll be presented with a rewarding multiplier bonus wheel for some riveting jackpot action when you make it to the bonus game. Here, you must stay strong, stay brave, and get those mega wins to erupt from the zombie’s 3-reel grave.

A Ghost Walks Into a Bar…

…and nobody noticed. There’s a fancy ghost joke to lift the ‘spirits’. But unlike that ghost, when the sheet-fitted phantom from The Ghost Walks slot dashes over the reels, it’s a grand entrance you’ll never forget as the reels start lighting up with eye-popping wins.

The scene is set in a haunted castle inhabited by its former masters and their servants, and things aren’t exactly as ‘lively’ as they used to be. The game offers 5 reels with 4 rows, 20 paylines, and 12 paying symbols which include 1 Wild, 1 Scatter, and 1 Bonus Fun symbol.


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Landing 3 or more Scatters will trigger between 5 and 25 free spins with the Fun symbol acting as a Wild for the duration of the feature game. And when the ghost randomly flies over a reel, all symbols on that reel will mutate into identical paying symbols. How’s that for a helping hand from someone who doesn’t have any hands? Okay okay, enough ghost jokes… for now.

‘Count’ Your Fortune in Dracula Riches

What’s Halloween without the Count? Although, he doesn’t look very happy in this slot. It must be the sight of all the garlic and wooden stakes on the reels – of course, he’s going to be in a bad mood. Either way, Dracula Riches slot is as fun and rewarding as they come, and the Count is the highest paying symbol so we’ll excuse his grouchiness this time around.


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The game starts off on 5 reels with 4 rows and 20 paylines, but if you manage to land 3 gem Scatter symbols, then 1 row will be added at the top to increase the winning action to 40 paylines at the same bet value. Don’t know about you – but ‘Count’ us in!

You can also double your payout using the Buy Feature offered after every win so make sure you take advantage of these frightening reels and all their riches by sucking them dry before the sun comes out.

The Wins Are Out of This World in Anotherland

This one will most certainly give you the heebie-jeebies. It might not be a Halloween-themed game, but Anotherland slot is creepy as hell, and it’s a helluva lot of fun too. We have no idea where the inspiration behind this theme came from, but it’s rather bizarre.

However, with a generous 97.27% RTP, you won’t have time to focus on the strange imagery with all the wins coming your way. The game is played on 5 reels with 4 rows and features a cataclysmic bonus game that will leave you in awe.


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Landing 3 or more Scatter symbols will trigger 10 free spins, but before the game continues, between 2 and 10 Wild symbols will be placed in random positions on the reels. This will greatly increase your chances of forming winning combos and bagging the riches. You see, sometimes the random ones are the treasure troves, and Anotherland slot is as random and rewarding as they come.

A Creepy Encounter With Monstrous Wins in Halloween Slot!

The eve of horror and fright kicks off with some classic reel-spinning action and frightening payouts in Halloween slot. The 3×3 reel grid hovers between the shadowy silhouette of 2 dying trees set against a crimson sky as the ghastly symbols stare back at you from the screen. You’ll certainly know it’s time for Halloween!


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The game is played with only 5 paylines and no bonus symbols such as Wilds or Scatters whatsoever. But don’t think for a second that this slot lacks excitement and thrill because in this case, all symbols are bonuses. Manage to land any 9 identical symbols on the reels and you’ll have the opportunity to pick one of them to reveal a sensational multiplier prize.

You also have the option to gamble your winnings in a Risk Game offered after every winning payout, which is rather standard in most Belatra slots. This gives you the opportunity to maximize your profits and drain the reels of their riches and it’s a great option if you’re feeling lucky and bloodthirsty for bigger wins.

Get Your Spook on for Scary Wins With Belatra Today!

Well, there you have them. The creepiest, most hair-raising slots from Belatra, all ready to haunt your dreams with some of the scariest wins around. Think you’re brave enough to endure these horrific games and trick or treat your way to undying riches? Then start haunting the reels and reaping the rewards at BitStarz this Halloween!