BitStarz Serves Hawaii Cocktails


Aloha people! Welcome to this tropical paradise they call Hawaii. These islands not only sporting some of the most amazing landscape and wildlife you’ll ever see, but it’s also home to some of the absolute friendliest people in the world. And when you didn’t think this place couldn’t get any better, these islands also has the best rain on the planet. The Hawaiian language has over 100 words to describe the rain and each one is a compliment. Let’s see if we can make it rain in this tempting slot!

Bartender, Over Here Please

The Hawaii Cocktails slot comes surfing on the waves from Bgaming. As a 5-reel, 9 payline slot, this game was developed with the intention to de-stress you on desktop, mobile or tablet. Being a Haole (not from the islands) we wanted to take a stroll along the imaginary beach, feel the sand between our toes and explore what this slot has in store. What we found was a vibe is so chill and laid back that we felt like sipping on a Mai Tai right here in the office.

The cocktails and other authentic symbols across the reels are being backed up by the traditional music from the ukelele. This time the soundtrack is The Sandpipers old classic “Guantanamera”.

Play Now

To trigger the free spins, you need to land 3 or more scatters. This will get you 10 of these hula dancers, each with a 2x multiplier.
Vacation Time

Sometimes you need to get back in touch with the laid back, carefree soul you once were and Hawaii Cocktails is a very effective method of transportation to this tranquility. Whether you have had the pleasure of visiting this marvelous place or not, we believe you will start looking at flights real soon. In the meantime, lean back and enjoy this calming slot while you let the waves bring you the cash you need to book it. Enjoy!

Enjoy the game from any device and don’t forget, you can spin the reels to earn points that contribute towards our Slot Wars – finish in the top 30 each week to win a share of €1,000!

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