In For a Cash Harvest With Barnyard Megahays Megaways Slot?

Last night, I tuned into Netflix expecting the heartwarming fluff of Baby Reindeer, only to be met with a plot twist that was more Black Mirror than Bambi.

Luckily, the Barnyard Megahays Megaways slot just dropped at BitStarz, rescuing my shaken spirits by delivering an overdose of adorable, with the chance to win up to $340,000.

It’s not just your average petting zoo, though. This thing’s got over 117,000 ways to win—it’s like they’re trying to convince me that farming is more than just picking up pig shit. Listen, they had me at “Megahays.” I was already grabbing my gas mask!

Ready to check this game out with me?

A farm without roosters?

Seems like the farmers in this Pragmatic Play slot are living off milk and corn, considering this place is missing essential farm animals. Hey, it’s not a bad diet, but I wouldn’t like to see their sewage drain. Talk about being clogged.

Also, without any roosters around, how do these dudes get woken up? Perhaps this is where sunlight comes in handy. Who knows?

Between us, the farmers, their dog, piglet, and cow, I’m pretty sure we can harvest a bumper crop of wins together. Besides, this is what Megaways are for, right?


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Megaways, Megahays and mega pays

It’s been a while since I’ve played a MegawaysTM slot; I’ve missed them. But this is more than that; this has Megahays tornados swarming our way, too.

Megahays are no natural disaster; they’re the ticket to unlocking random features in this high-volatility game. If you land a Collect Tornado and Special symbols, you’ll hit a random feature like Instant Cash, Wilds, Wild Multipliers, Respins, Free Spins, and Max Wins.

It’s pretty cool. Plus, the game also has Tumbling Reels, giving you the most barnyard bang for your buck in a spin!


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Farm with 20 Free Spins

To enter the bonus feature, you can buy the Free Spins Bonus or land a Collect symbol alongside 1 or 2 Free Spins symbols.

With up to 20 free spins, an unlocked Megahays boost, and the chance to win extra free games, you’re in line for one hell of a cash harvest!

In the bonus round, every Special symbol hit will be activated for a random feature reward – no Collect symbol needed. One of these can be up to 10 additional spins.

This farming frenzy for fortune can go on forever. And don’t forget we have hundreds of thousands of ways to win in a single spin too! Amazing.


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Farmville circa 2024

I remember paying for extra Gems and extra Lives in Farmville for what? More time to milk the cows.

At least putting your coins in Barnyard Megahays Megaways slot, you get to milk it for big money back. Here, you have an edge!

And, with an RTP of 96.5%, you know it will be worth checking out. So, why not do that right now at BitStarz?