Bitstarz Wins the Best Online Casino Award!

BitStarz is making headlines once again, as it’s won Best Online Casino Award at the very first AskGamblers Awards which took place in February 2018. AskGamblers is known as the world’s best online casino review site, so its inaugural awards show certainly made the biggest online casinos in the world sit up and take notice. With the prestigious award of “Best Casino” up for grabs, the elite within the industry battled it out to be labeled the best of the best, with players having their say on what online casino has beaten out the rest. Walking away with the top prize of the best online casino – beating more than 1,200 other online casinos in the process – is BitStarz!

BitStarz has long been known to be not just the best bitcoin casino in the world, but one of the best online casinos in the world period. What has made us such an impressive force amongst players isn’t just one particular attribute, as the BitStarz team has worked tirelessly to create an online casino platform that does it all. From the plentiful promotions and bumper welcome bonuses to more than 1,000 casino games from leading name game providers, BitStarz has shown that generosity in practically every department certainly goes a long way.

Customer service stands at the heart of the BitStarz experience.

It’s not just our generous nature that has made us a hit with players around the world, as our team’s willingness to go the extra mile certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed. Customer service stands at the heart of the BitStarz experience, as we strive to provide live support with personality. Available and accessible 24/7, we’ve stood by our “no robots” allowed philosophy to bring players friendly, knowledgeable, and – most importantly – human customer support. Unlike other online casinos, we don’t keep you at arms length when you have an issue – or if you simply want to stop by and tell us how we’re doing – as BitStarz prides itself on giving players what they want and intend to keep it that way.

Without our players, BitStarz certainly wouldn’t be the online casino that it is, so we certainly need to give a massive thanks to youour members. Rest assured that even with the Best Online Casino Award now in the bag, we will still be looking for ways to improve the BitStarz experience to make it the absolute best it can be!