BLACK FRIDAY: Get 25% Cashback on Everything!

Just because we aren’t Walmart doesn’t mean we can’t have our own Black Friday frenzy. It’s actually the perfect occasion for a Black Friday 25% Cashback Weekend.

We bet you think this hugely popular promotion is only for our Live Casino and Table Game players, as they usually are…

But in the spirit of Black Friday, we’re going big and opening the 25% Cashback floor to everyone: Slot spinners, Crash masters, Table gamers, the lot.

This weekend only, everyone gets rewarded for losses up to €50 on ALL BitStarz games from Friday 00:01 CET to Sunday 23:59 CET.

Black Friday the BitStarz way

While your friends are busy playing real-life Tekken trying to secure a Smart TV in a hoard of hundreds of shoppers – you can sit back, relax, and have a saving spree with us.

It’s super rare to find us giving cash back on Slot Games… It’s always just kinda been a thing for our Table Game and Live Casino players. Their thing.

But it’s Black Friday, and it should be big. So we’re going big and running this cool cashback promotion all weekend long.

We have over 4,000 casino games for you to choose from this weekend. So you can play your favorites, try our new slots, or test the tables if you haven’t already. Now is the time to explore, because there’s a cushion for you to fall back on.

And, all the cash you catch this weekend will be credited into your account on Monday morning. So that will be a good feeling.

A better feeling though? Winning big. Which we hope you do.

Play and Level Up at the same time

The timing of the Black Friday Cashback Weekend couldn’t be better. Our Starz in Vegas – Level Up Adventure is on. So use this opportunity to climb that Leaderboard.

After all, all you need to do to Level Up, is play our games. Perfect, right? And this promotion also has boosted power… We’ve upped the main cash prize to €15,000, and there’s also €50,000 in individual prizes to claim as you progress in our very Vegas inspired Level Up.

Hopefully the Black Friday Cashback Weekend will have you enjoying the view as you move from room to room in the ultimate City of Spin.

What a weekend for promotions!

It’s Black Friday. We’re giving you 25% cashback on losses up to €50 on all of our games. We don’t do this very often. It’s a big one.

And, we have our Starz in Vegas – Level Up Adventure on at the exact same time. So playing at BitStarz this weekend should be the only event on your agenda.

Now this is what we call a big Black Friday 25% Cashback Weekend – you can’t miss it.