Blast Through the Levels in the Sweet Level Up Adventure!

In case you’ve been living under a rock, our latest promotion went live on Tuesday. It’s the sweetest adventure promotion we’ve ever launched, and if you’ve got a sweet tooth you’re going to love it.

The Sweet Level Up Adventure has you battling it out with other players from around the globe to blast through the levels and scoop up the sweet treats that wait at each level. The lucky player that reaches level 40 first will bag €10,000 in cold card cash!

Want to win that cash? Well, you’re going to need these tips, so read on!

Lick the Lolly to Go Faster

The Sweet Level Up Adventure is all about sweets, treats and all things sugary, and we’re going to come thick and sticky with these delicious puns. The stunning map will have you drooling over the most delicious candies from around the world, and some say they’re even licking their screens.

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If you’re going to want to get your hands on the goodies first, you’re going to need these tips. First up, you need to focus on the slots. Slots count 100% towards your levelling up progress meter, whereas table games only count 5%. While you can control your wins and losses slightly more in table games, the time it takes you to rack up the same amount of levelling progress will mean slot players are zooming past you.

Pick Your Slots Carefully

Next up, you need to pick your slots carefully. High volatility slots are great for big wins and boosting your bankroll, but as they’re high volatility, you could be spinning for some time before you see that mega win. So, if you’ve got a modest bankroll, you might want to try out medium volatility slots in order to get the best balance of wins and losing spins. If you’re unsure which slots are the best for you to play, check out the BitStarz blog. We review all the latest games and give you all the facts – putting the power back in your hands!

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It’s all kicking off in the Sweet Level Up Adventure, so get your tasty treats at the ready and start licking. Can you be the first player to level 40 and bag that €10k in cold hard cash? The answer is yes if you follow these epic tips!