Time is Almost Up in the Sweet Level Up Adventure!

Time is quickly running out in the Sweet Level Up Adventure and we’re well into the last week of the promo, but nobody has made it to level 40 yet!

There’s €10,000 in cold hard cash on the line, so it has never been more important for you to stop what you’re doing, clear your plans and hit the slots harder than ever before. There’s a ton of cash, loads of BitStarz merch and oodles of bonuses waiting to be scooped up. Can you win the cash before time runs out?

Hit the Slots NOW!!

It’s time to stop playing it slow and time to speed up. As we’ve already mentioned in past articles, slots are the very best way to level up really quickly. Slots count 100% towards your level up requirement, while table games count 5%. It is possible to control your winnings at table games, but when time is running out, you need to go as fast as possible. Slots are definitely the key to being the first player to reach level 40 and win that €10,000 in cold hard cash!

Play Now

It doesn’t matter which slots you play, so focus on slots with low volatility and high RTP if you’re going to play a few all-nighters to reach level 40. Low volatility will mean that you’re winning more often and a high RTP will mean that you end up getting most of your money back, allowing you to play for longer. Top slots such as Mega Joker and 1429 Uncharted Seas are great to play thanks to their very high volatility, with both pushing 99%.

Time is Running Out

There’s no time to dilly dally as time is running out. Just like all good things, the Sweet Level Up Adventure is going to come to an end on June 26 – that gives you just five days to level up as fast as you can. If you’re nowhere near level 40, there are still plenty of reasons as to why you need to push through the levels. There is €50,000 in individual prize pools waiting to be won. You unlock a good chunk of bonus cash each time you complete a level, bonus cash that will come in handy with the next amazing promo we’ve got in store for you.

Play Now

On top of this bonus cash, there is a super comfy BitStarz hoodie waiting to be won at level 15 and a BitStarz anti-theft backpack waiting for you at level 25. These amazing bits of BitStarz merch are highly coveted in the online casino world, so don’t miss out on your chance to grab some!

Lots More Coming Very Soon!

Don’t be sad, there are plenty more promotions just around the corner. The next Level Up Adventure is set to be the biggest one to date, giving you the chance to win a pirate’s favorite treasure – a solid gold bar!

We can’t say too much more without getting in trouble, so you’re going to have to enjoy that tasty nugget. Prepare yourself, something big is sailing into the BitStarz bay!