Bow Down to the Master Joker and Get Rewarded with Big Wins!

Jokers are incredibly popular in the slot world, and it’s rather clear as to why that is from the moment you load up Master Joker slot. Packing some of the biggest wins we’ve ever seen and a rather fruity one-piece, this joker isn’t messing around. Get ready to be blown away by the insatiable action and the rather crisp graphics – trust us, you’re going to be trying to lick the screen to get at the fruit!

It’s finally Friday and we all deserve a major win. So, load up Master Joker and let’s head into the weekend with more cash than we know what to do with.

Wins Are Healthier When They’re Fruity!

We can’t help but think this adorable joker with big blue eyes cares about us deeply, as she’s serving up fruit. On this one reel one payline game, it’s all about collecting three or more fruits. While you’ve only got five spots on the reels, landing three of the same symbols seems like a challenge at first. But, after spinning the reel a few times you will quickly learn that it’s the opposite – hard not to land a win. This rather simply a basic game packs an insane max win of €300,000 from a single spin, and there isn’t even a free spins mode to help you out. Master Joker is a high volatility game, so you might need to spin a few times before you scalp a mega win!

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The Joker is Getting in the Action

Now, we know many of you are sitting there waiting for the joker to move, and we know why – the way she clutches that massive reel with 100x on it means she’s sat on something very big indeed. To bring the joker into the game, and quite possibly home with you at the end of the night, all you have to do is land a joker symbol on the reels when you land a win. Now, the joker symbol is a wild, so all you’re looking for is two other symbols to match up – it’s that easy. Once you’ve managed that, the joker’s wheel will emerge from behind the base game reel and she will spin it with all her might. Whatever the wheel lands on is the multiplier that will be applied to your win. You can get anywhere from 5x all the way to 100x, so cross your fingers and pray to the gods you land 100x!

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Master Joker truly is a work of art that we’re totally hooked on. This has to be by far the hottest joker themed slot we’ve seen this year and it’s going to be tough for any others to top it. That juicy fruit, those massive wins and that epic multiplier wheel makes for the perfect combination of features, making Master Joker our favorite slot of the year so far!