Set up Your Future Life as a King With These Monarch Slots

Are monarchies across the world on their way out? With the latest commotion in the British royal family, it feels as if these generational institutions are going through some major face lifts. Before the title becomes extinct, let’s put ourselves in the king’s shoes and see what life would be like as a monarch. Don’t expect us to wear a crown though as this is where we draw the line.

The King – iSoftBet

The King of the Jungle will obviously appear on this list to claim his throne. In The King slot all of his supporters from the savanna, rhinos, zebras and elephants, have all joined the supporting cast, proving once and for all the lion is the legitimate king. Free spins exist even in the animal kingdom so you will be able to enjoy a bunch of them, while the Cash Wheel scatters will grant you access to the Mega Cash Wheel if you get enough of them. You may want to make room in your pockets!


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King of Kaiju: Rampage Riches – Microgaming

If you’re a Stan Lee fan or an overall comic book connoisseur, the King of Kaiju: Rampage Riches slot is definitely the one for you. After rolling the intro, you have a pretty clear idea of what you’re into. It’s a Godzilla inspired slot, no doubt, and when 3 bonus scatters trigger the Rampage bonus game your selected monster goes on a tear through the cities causing chaos and destruction from which you will profit greatly!


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King Colossus – Quickspin

We’re not sure exactly when a man like King Colossus would’ve ruled or where but he looks like a stereotypical king which is nice for a change. He looks like a kind man that would have the loyal support of his people. In the King Colossus slot, his empire is no greater than 5 reels. If we put the free spins to the side, there is a gold lion that serves as the bonus wild and just like Simba, this guy is everyone’s favorite when he works his magic. Keep your eyes open and the duffel bags empty, as they will fill up fast!


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King of Slots – NetEnt

One of NetEnts creations is the King of Slots slot. Try and say that 10 times at a fast pace, now that’s a challenge. The man of the hour, is the supposedly King of Slots and although he is wearing a crown, we don’t get the impression he is very royal. Perhaps he could call himself the King of Free Spins as well as landing 5 or more of the scatter symbol will ask 30 of them to be at your service.

Sticky wins are the shizzle in this slot and when this happens, the respin action will begin and continue until no more matching symbols land. This feature can be a real money maker!


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Gold King – Play’n GO

If there’s a title that has got some power behind it, this would be it. Who is that guy over there? Oh, that’s the Gold King! Man, that’s some real Godfather stuff. In the Gold King slot you should be able to land yourself a solid amount of gold that could earn you the same reputation, at least within a smaller group of friends.

The King himself will randomly touch your reels and turn them into Golden Spins where reels 1, 2, 3 and 5 are filled with super stacks. Are you ready to become the Gold King?


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King for a Day

Being a proper king for a day would be great but a bit hard to achieve. To feel like a king is a lot easier as all you need to do is play these slots and take home all the epic wins up for grabs! The word king is already in all the titles so the vibe is a constant top-of-mind-awareness, if we’re talking marketing terms. Keep swinging and feel like a king today, my friend!