It’s All About the Disco Days in Crank It Up Slot!

So, there I was at a family lunch, eavesdropping on my cousin’s nostalgic ramble about the “choke” on his first car – yeah, the thing you had to yank to make the engine sputter to life.

Cue the blank millennial stare from yours truly. Apparently, my dad had it worse, needing to crank his car like he was winding up a toy.

Speaking of cranks, Crank It Up slot drags us back to the disco era – when boxing boots were a fashion statement, crop tops were life, cars got choked, and everyone danced like they were fighting off a swarm of bees.

Wanna see what we were missing? Let’s go.

Groovy game dynamics

Crank It Up slot is crafted by Pragmatic Play, and is a 5×3 grid, visual blast from the past, loaded with high-paying symbols like headphones, microphones, and those ridiculous neon glasses everyone swore looked cool.

The microphones are there because we apparently have a singer in the house, guys! Although, that must be in the expansion pack, because ain’t nobody singing in this slot.

Our songless singer, the main character here, is a deliciously chaotic blend of Matty Healy’s bad boy antics and Harry Styles’ irresistible charm.

He’s the guy who’s cool enough to get this disco inferno blazing for wins of up to $340,000! Gotta love him.


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Base game letdown

Now, let’s talk about the base game features of Crank It Up slot. With a 95.95% RTP and very high volatility, you’d expect some fireworks, right?

Unfortunately, this slot is a bit of an 80s throwback in more ways than one – simple gameplay and no exciting base game features to rave about.

It’s like turning up to a disco and finding out they’re only playing slow jams. In today’s world of slots, we’re used to turbo-charged action from start to finish but Crank It Up keeps it old school.

It’s got an 80s heart, alright – bare-bones and straightforward – the usual Wilds and Scatters. Let’s hope the bonus rounds bring the real groove!


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A bonus game boogie

Alright, let’s highlight the Bonus Game – where some action happens. I say some because it’s not as exciting as others I’ve played.

But it’s good nonetheless! Land three or more golden record Scatter symbols, and you’re looking at 10, 15, or 20 Free Spins.

And where things get groovy is every time a Wild lands during the bonus round, it marks a spot on the board, and if another Wild lands on that same spot later, your multiplier cranks up, starting at 2x and going all the way to 10x.

And here’s the most exciting part: if you get more than one Wild in a winning line, those multipliers don’t just sit there looking pretty – they add up, opening the door to some seriously massive wins. Now that’s what I call a disco inferno!


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Crank up those wins!

Crank It Up slot is a nostalgic trip back to the disco era, blending simple base gameplay with an electrifying Bonus Game.

While the base game might be a bit of a letdown, the bonus features more than make up for it with exciting multipliers and Free Spins.

With an RTP of 95.95% and high volatility, this game offers the chance for some groovy wins. Ready to hit the dance floor and crank up those wins?