Speed Your Way to Riches in Live Speed Baccarat

When it comes to table games, getting through as many hands as possible gives you the best chance at landing a win and building your bankroll higher and higher. In speed games it can be very hard to use a strategy, unless you wait a few hands to build it then make full use of the rebet option. Live Speed Baccarat from Evolution Gaming is the perfect blend of the classic game with efficiency. While it’s not as exciting hurrying through, you can certainly win a lot more money in less time!

Ultra-High-Quality Video Feed

If you were worried about the quality dropping or missing a card due to the speed the hand is played at, you don’t need to worry. The ultra-high-definition cameras pick up everything, and the cards are rather large, meaning even if the video feed scales down you can still make out the winning hand. If you’re playing on a mobile device with mobile data and you signal gets weak, the video stream will automatically scale down so you don’t miss a second of action, and the table will remember your bet, just in case you get disconnected.

Keep Track of Game Data

If you love to play the patterns, you will love the game data features on offer in Speed Baccarat. In the bottom left corner there is a grid that keeps track of the last 50 rounds, as well as a graph that tracks the way all hands have gone so far with the deck of cards. This allows you to pick the right moment to play the high-risk bets and pull off a huge win.

Stick to the Basics

Speed games are notoriously difficult to place complicated bets on, so stick with the baccarat basics. Banker is the safest option in the game thanks to its lower house edge, whereas tie bets and pairs carry extra risk. While these bets are riskier, when they come in the payouts are phenomenal.

If you’re in a hurry or simply don’t like waiting around between hands, Live Speed Baccarat is definitely the game for you. The crisp and clear video stream will have you feeling as if you’re in a real casino and the dealers will welcome you with a big smile. So settle in and place your bets, it’s time to win big and fast in Life Speed Baccarat.