Ride the Pump Trolley Towards Fame and Riches With Hugo 2 Slot

Riding a handcar, or a pump trolley as they are also called, seems so peaceful and like so much fun. Cruising along the railroad tracks on a hot summer day always seemed like the ultimate opportunity for another exciting adventure as a kid. This joyful way of traveling has been depicted in plenty of movies and we have so far never had the opportunity to give it a go, but we would immediately be transported back to being 13-14 years old and über adventurous.

A guy that shares this gene of constant need to explore, is our old buddy Hugo in the Hugo 2 slot from Play’n GO. This guy loves the unknown and doesn’t back down for anyone. He is the perfect companion and we feel honored to share the handcar with him. There is room for one more if you’re up for it! Fingers crossed there are no trains around today.

Knock Knock Who’s There

Today’s rail trip, not road trip, starts with 5 reels and 10 paylines where the man of the hour himself will greet you in his own special way, the attention grabbing knock on the screen. When the symbols start falling into place on the reels, items such as diamonds, bags of gold, mine carts, gold bars, keys, hats and a whistle are some of them.

Hugo himself is on duty as the wild and there are 2 other special symbols in the stunning brunette as the scatter and a sour-puss beaver.


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Highly Adventurous Free Spins

The above mentioned beaver will get you to the promised land if you land 3 of them. By doing this you will activate 10 highly adventurous free spins. Start cruising down the tracks and collect coins and gold bags along the way. When you are running out of free spins, your buddy the beaver will appear and let you through the blocked tracks. In order for him to let you pass, he will retrigger and give you an additional 5 free spins.


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Your spins can keep getting retriggered and if you make it to the third block, the Skull Cavern Bonus is activated and you have 3 lives to get through the dangerous cave, all the way to the alluring treasure. Jump across the deadly gap by choosing the right path and pick the right key in the end which will grant you access to the shiny gold.


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To the Edge of the World

Let hugo lead the way and you shall prevail! We never doubted this little fella but he really proved himself and we will follow him to the edge of the world. We all know, that if that’s where he’s going, there must be a big fat treasure waiting. Deathtrap caves won’t keep us away from the epic wins and if we can do it, so can you!