Deposit in Crypto and Play in Fiat at BitStarz! Here’s How:

Did you know that we were the first online casino to offer players both Fiat and Crypto payment options? Keeping up with currencies has never been a problem for us…

We’ve always prioritized giving you the best online gambling experience – since the very beginning – ensuring you have the freedom and flexibility to play your way.

By now, we’ve added more payment methods than we can count, have thousands of games you can play on mobile and desktop devices, and worked our butts off on a feature that allows you to deposit in crypto and play in fiat.

We are pleased to announce that you can deposit in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, DOGE, and Tether, and play with almost all Fiat currencies at BitStarz.

You can also send your Fiat deposits via Cardano, Ripple, Tron, and Binance. There’s no shortage of options for you. We’ll take you through it.

This means more games for crypto players to play

This is an excellent feature for crypto players because it takes the number of games available for play to a new level.

Not all games are crypto-friendly, unfortunately. Some software developers are behind the curve when it comes to making games that are compatible with crypto play. Therefore, not all BitStarz games can be played by our crypto players.

This changes all that and makes crypto-play a whole lot better. Crypto players can now unlock our entire range of games by depositing crypto into their Fiat accounts and playing in that currency. Awesome, right? No more limits.

How do I deposit with crypto and play in fiat?

Luckily, depositing with crypto and playing in fiat is as easy as making any other crypto deposit at BitStarz.

To start, click on the green deposit button on the top right corner of your home page.

Enter your deposit amount and the currency you want to play with and click on “Play with” to see your deposit options.

You will be presented with a bunch of cryptocurrencies to choose from, which you’ll use to pay for your fiat currency with.

Once you’ve chosen the payment method you want to use, there’ll be some instructions for you to follow, like which address to send your funds to. Remember, you can only send that specific cryptocurrency to that specific address, like in all exchanges.

We won’t be able to process any cross-chain transactions, so please make sure you’re sending the right loot to the right place.

Once you have sent the funds from your wallet, click on “I’ve made the transfer” and you’ll see the following message…

As soon as your deposit has the right number of confirmations, it will be credited automatically to your account, in the fiat currency you selected, so that you can go ahead and play your way without having to convert it.

Here are a few things to note…

  • When depositing USDT, it must be sent via the Ethereum network (ERC-20)
  • The correct memo needs to be added when sending XRP (Ripple)
  • When depositing BNB, the BNB Beacon Chain (BEP2) must be used

What about withdrawals? Fiat or crypto?

Get ready to be blown away with our epic instant exchange system. Once you’re done winning and rumbling the reels with fiat play, your next move will be to click on the “Cashout” button on the Home Page and select the fiat currency you deposited in.

Your available withdrawal options will be cryptocurrencies. Simply withdraw back via the method you deposited in, and it will be converted in real time and sent back to your wallet once reviewed by our award-winning Support Heroes. It’ll only take a jiffy.

You can also buy crypto at BitStarz

Did you know you can also buy crypto with your debit and credit card at BitStarz, through one of our integrated providers?
If you didn’t, you do now. Here’s how:

Simply click on the green Deposit button on the top right corner of the Home Page…


Select the currency you would like to play with.


Once you’ve done that, you’ll select the Buy Crypto option, and be presented with our integrated providers who accept debit and credit cards to purchase crypto, and who will send it directly to your Bitstarz account. So convenient – we love it.

A little thing to be aware of is the various minimums amounts for each provider, and be aware that some may require verification to proceed.


A feature that opens a whole lot of doors!

The deposit in crypto, play in fiat feature is definitely one of the coolest we’ve added for our crypto players. As always, we’re all ears to any suggestions and recommendations you guys have that’ll make BitStarz better for you.

So, crypto players, go test out this new feature and explore the full range of games on offer at BitStarz – you deserve it!