The Brand New €5,000 Slot Wars Has Landed!

Slot Wars is an incredibly popular weekly promotion that we’ve been running since time began. It’s been around virtually since the launch of BitStarz, but you are probably well-aware of this already.

We figured that it’s time to take it to the next level. As BitStarz keeps winning awards and upgrading every aspect of your experience, it’s only fitting that the most popular weekly promo gets a shiny new upgrade in 2020.

The rules are staying the same, so all you have to do is sit back, spin the reels, and start reaping the rewards of an epic €5,000 and 5,000 free spins prize pool!

Bigger is Better

Whoever says bigger isn’t better needs to get a reality check, as we’re sure €5,000 is better than €1,000 – right? If you didn’t guess it from that juicy clue, Slot Wars is now going to dish out a staggering €5,000 every week and 5,000 free spins. That’s a totally supercharged prize pool and we’re including cash prizes up to the top 40 players. The player that wins Slot Wars will bag themselves a cool €1,500 in cold hard cash – that’s more than the total prize money for the original Slot Wars that’s for sure.

Free Spins for Everyone

If you don’t finish inside the top 40 at the end of the week, you don’t need to panic. We’re dishing out 5,000 free spins to the players that finish anywhere from 41st all the way to 150th, meaning it’s more important than ever that you spin the reels and push yourself to the limits – there are free spins on the line!

Are We Crazy? Some Say We Are!

If you’re sat there thinking that this all sounds too good to be true and that you’re dreaming, well, here’s a reality check – you’re wide awake. Here at BitStarz, we believe thoroughly in putting YOU first – our loyal players. So, if that means dishing out tons more cash and heaps of free spins, then so be it.

The new and improved Slot Wars is just the beginning. We’ve got so much in store for you as 2020 rolls on, so stay tuned to the BitStarz blog and keep your eyes peeled when going through your email inbox – there are so many treats and upgrades coming your way!