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Dracula’s Treasure Level Up is ALIVE – €10,000 could be yours!

Calling all vampires, ghouls, ghosts, and witches – get ready to Level Up with a hoard of riches! It’s that time of year when Creepies and Crawlies come out to play, and BitStarz has a heap of prizes to give away.

That’s right boys and girls, are you ready to start trick or treating BitStarz style? The new Dracula’s Treasure – Level Up promotion is live, and we have a serious bag of goodies up for grabs. How does €10,000 cash and a €50,000 prize pool sound? It’s a scary amount of money, but don’t get spooked – this exciting adventure promo will have you hooked!

Get ready for a fang-tastic time!

It’s time to find the Count’s hidden plunder, and between us, it’s more than he can count. Dracula’s Treasure – Level Up will see you going neck and neck with other players in a race to riches at the finish line. Haunt, horrify, and torment your opponents by being the first to endure the 40 levels of frightening fun and seizing Drac’s treasure at the end.

You’ll need to keep your wits about you when moving through this map, as all things sinister are lurking behind your back. Earn points by playing any slots or table games at BitStarz to keep your foes at bay, and 40 levels of terror will go by in a snap!

The first hell-raising hustler to make their way across the finish line bags the grand prize of €10,000 cash! And there’s more than enough to go around with €50,000 in individual prizes awarded throughout the adventure for all the other ghouls and ghastly gladiators to get a taste.

Here’s how YOU can retrieve Dracula’s Treasure!

By simply playing your favorite slots or table games at BitStarz, you’ll automatically be in the running for the prize. Reaching Dracula’s Treasure first will be your number one priority, so keep those reels spinning and the tables turning between September 27 and November 5 to stay in the race.

If you want to learn a trick or two from the Count or come face to face with Drac himself, then Guises of Dracula slot or Dracula’s Castle slot is where he usually hangs out. These head-turners will certainly get you in the mood to snatch his treasure hoard.

Not a member of the BitStarz Fang club? Then here’s how you can get your fangs registered with a player’s account at our world-class casino:

  • Register with a BitStarz account (very quick and simple!)
  • Sink your fangs into our succulent welcome package
  • Play your favorite casino games at BitStarz to earn points (we have over 3,200 of them!)
  • Keep an eye on the progression bar to check your level and progress
  • Have fun no matter what you do at BitStarz!

Get vamped-up and head for Dracula’s Treasure now!

Out of the coffin and onto the tables and reels you go. Dracula’s Treasure – Level Up has begun and you don’t want to get left behind to melt in the sun. You have 40 levels with monstrous prizes to work through – so start sucking them dry today!