Enter the High Roller Lounge and Become a True Macau High Roller

Nothing beats the exceptional atmosphere of Las Vegas but much thanks to iSoftBet, the Las Vegas of the East is stepping up and giving Sin City a run for its money with the newly released Macau High Roller slot. Taking a virtual trip to the gambling capital of Asia is just what the doctor ordered and you are in for one spectacular ride!

With jaw-dropping features like the Macau Money Spin, High Roller Free Spins and entrance to the High Roller Lounge, where every poker chip goes straight into your pocket, you’ll soon be saying “Las Vegas who?”

Are you ready to become a high roller?

Casino Nights and Blinking Lights

Regardless of which of the two gambling meccas you prefer, inside the four walls of a casino it’s all the same and in this case you’ll be looking at 5 reels and 10 paylines. The bright lights give the reels the familiar look and knowing there is a ton of cash to be made, makes everything else irrelevant.

The Macau High Roller slot has an RTP of 95.88% which is quite low but as you keep playing, it actually feels higher and with a 2,000x multiplier you can bag yourself a nice chunk of coin, like the €20,000 max win!


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Welcome to the High Roller Lounge

If you are looking to become a high roller then what better place to learn than in the epic High Roller Lounge. This is where you want to be and by ringing the virtual doorbell (the red button on your bottom right) and demanding a seat at the table, the bet level will rise to €200 in true high roller fashion.

Playing on a new set of reels, things tend to work a bit differently in first class. The only symbols allowed in are chips and blanks. Each of the chips will have a value attached to it and however many of them you can land will get you paid instantly!

Whether you are killing it or not, there is a limit on your High Roller spins. For every chip you land, the spot will be highlighted and when all 15 of them have been used you will trigger the Super Spin.

Bring on the Super Respins

Here is a golden opportunity to make some cash as you will be given 3 respins that will be reset every time you manage to land another chip. It will come to a stop sooner or later as you’ll either run out of spins or have filled up all spaces but you will have a lot of fun winning and “watching the chips roll in!”

The Macau Money Spin Will Make You Grin

Leave it up to the universe to trigger the Macau Money Spin feature at random. This will let you play on the same kind of reels as in the High Roller Lounge. Believe in the power of the chips and you shall be rewarded!

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Bling up Your Free Spins With the Golden Suitcase

Before you head over to the reels you should be aware of the fact that you will see golden suitcases on the reels and when you land 3 or more of them you will trigger the High Roller Free Spins.

You can get up to 15 of them so make the most of it so that you can buy yourself your very own golden suitcase for the next time you travel. After all, you are now a high roller!

See You in Macau

The life of a high roller does sound very appealing after playing this great game. It’s definitely a VIP experience and a must-play-slot if you want to test the waters by dipping your toes in this lifestyle.

While you experience the luxurious way of life, remember you can make some bonus cash by securing a spot in the top 40 of Slot Wars by the end of the week. This will get you a nice chunk of the €5,000 being given away each week!