Are you ready to fight for wins in Battle Tanks slot?

My fellow BitStarz citizens. We see the signs of the enemy approaching. We hear the guns over the horizon. Soon we’ll climb into Battle Tanks slot from Evoplay and meet them face-to-face!

Report for duty soldier!

It’s time for bootcamp. What follows is everything you’ll need to know about Battle Tanks slot. Listen up, your wins may depend on it.


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When you roll into battle, you’ll be greeted by the grim reality of war. The damage of countless engagements will litter the battlefield and you’ll be thankful for the rain as it washes away the clouds of smoke. The thunder rumbling in the background will obscure the sound of distant shelling reminding you that you’re in the thick of it. This is your battlefield!

Are you cocked, locked and ready to rock?

Now, let’s get you acquainted with your chariot of war! Before you roll into battle, you’ll need to know how to win and how to win BIG!

Intelligence is key! Acquire three or more scatter symbols, and you’ll discover the location of the enemy base and a round of 15 free spins. During free spins, your wins will be tripled getting you one step closer to victory! Plus, if you manage to get your hands on three or more scatter symbols during free spins, you’ll get an extra 15 free spins, ensuring that you’ll be well supplied for the coming battle.


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Grab three or more bonus symbols and you’ll be drafted into the 3rd Armored Division, sent into a second-screen bonus game, and put in control of a battle tank on the frontlines. You’ll need to click on and destroy enemy tanks. The more tanks you destroy, the more you’ll win both in glory and cash!


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Has Battle Tanks slot won the war?

Battle Tanks slot has marched into the enemy’s capital with little to no resistance. With a range of exciting features including a second-screen bonus game, great graphics and animations, and a €117,600 jackpot, the enemy didn’t stand a chance.

It’s not all good news though. There were casualties, with the anemic 93.9% RTP rating almost dealing a decisive blow that could have lost Battle Tanks slot the war. However, with low to medium volatility, that RTP rating can be counteracted with a nice long session without it doing too much damage to your war chest.

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