Welcome to Wherever Gorilla Mayhem Slot Is Set!

My biological/geographical/zoological knowledge isn’t quite on par with Darwin’s or anything. But I do know the difference between Africa and South America. Unlike the new Gorilla Mayhem slot.

Listen, I love a wild jungle theme – especially when it’s executed as well as this one is. I’d expect nothing less from gaming beasts, Pragmatic Play anyway. But, I also love playing the ‘spot the inaccuracies’ game. I’m OCD like that.

It’s simple. Gorillas are from Africa and Jaguars are from South America. But do I really care? Nah, it’s the big wins I’m after.

Let’s have a wild time in the Amazon, or Congo, or wherever this slot is set!

Africa vs. South America

Either Pragmatic Play wanted to challenge Noah and send a bunch of animals on an ark of their own, or they figured the wild is the wild and all animals come from there. But regardless, they did get my brain juices working again – which could be the main aim.

I’ll never know. But I am grateful for the Monday morning prefrontal cortex workout.

So let’s revisit the good old atlas. Africa… This is home to gorillas and rhinos. Although it is unlikely these two dudes would ever cross paths. Gorillas live deep in the jungle. I can’t see hippos fitting their million-ton bodies between trees.

South America… This is home to macaws and jaguars. There ain’t no jaguars in Africa, unless they’re in a cage somewhere, and that’s not cool.

But in Gorilla Mayhem slot, they’re free to roam the globe. I guess. And good for us, because they’re responsible for wins of up to €400,000.


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Beat your chest for big wins

In all this fact friction, the gorilla is the hero – it’s called Gorilla Mayhem slot after all. The other animals are pretty much just there, to both confuse the hell out of me, and lend to wonderful wins.

As for the game itself, it’s standard in terms of features. There are the usual Wild suspects, Free Spins and Multipliers. Nothing revolutionary here.

What makes it ultra-contemporary in the slot stadium is its Buy Bonus option, awesome animated graphics, and somewhat ‘Jungle Fever’ soundtrack.

I say somewhat, because in the main game it’s just groovy, but when the Free Spins hit, it turns wild. And we all love a little wild, right?


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Be fearless with multipliers and free spins

Enter the Golden Gorillas. These symbols mean multiplier mayhem. Basically, there are 3 Golden Gorillas that can land on the reels: a single, a double, and a triple. These award x1 to x3 multipliers respectively.

These big boys come randomly… so bang your drums and hope they come more often than not. Next up is the Free Spins feature.

To activate up to 20 Free Spins, you can either go the Buy Bonus route, or wait to land 3 or more Scatters on the screen – which is of a raw turquoise gem.

The Free Spins has a progressive feature, which is rad. When all Gorillas and Golden Gorillas land, they’ll be collected in the progression bar on the right side of the reels. Once 40 Gorillas have been hit, the Free Spins level increases and can take you all the way up to 3 Levels where more free spins, and bigger multipliers are awarded.


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Go wild with Gorilla Mayhem!

Man, playing for €400,000 is quite something. This is BIG! Imagine you became rich thanks to some animals that hold dual-citizenship.

This slot has a high volatility, a 96.5% RTP, and many of the modern features we love in games. It could use a jackpot – why not?

So, if you want to rumble in the jungle with Africa and South America’s finest, then get to BitStarz and spin for the win in Gorilla Mayhem slot.