Find Your Inner Peace and Get Rich in the Legendary Shangri-La

Welcome to Shangri-La, the utopian paradise that was immortalised in James Hilton’s best selling tale, Lost Horizon, back in 1933. This remote fictional location was supposed to depict an earthly paradise somewhere in the Himalayan mountains, cut off from the rest of society. We would love to live in a place like that! We would have an issue with the lack of wifi though but oh well, back to basics it is. NetEnt manages to let us dip our toes in this remarkable place with the help of The Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster Pays slot and our first impression is inner peace and an opportunity for the big bucks.

Meet Chinese Yoda

This version of Eden contains 6 reels and thanks to the cluster setup, paylines are a non-factor. The master of these reels is the chubby fox, which might just be the Chinese version of Yoda. He is a peaceful character who keeps a magical stick firmly in his hand throughout the game helping him with special features as well as keeping his balance. Although allegedly cut off from the world, he seems very chirpy and is very social towards us strangers.

With a life in harmony, you expect some interesting characters among the symbols. Sure, you have the koi fish, dragonflies, butterflies and some pretty flowers, but the ones standing out are 3 very dedicated guru symbols in a wise, elderly monkey, a version of a bengal cat or tiger and finally a blue elephant. We can definitely see ourselves going to this monkey for a long chat and some advice on life. He looks like he’s been around and has some serious street cred.


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Big Payout Bonus Features

For a paradise like this, we would expect nothing less than some big-time bonus features. As peaceful as one feels spinning these reels, some action that pays out some major coin is still necessary. Besides the free spins, sticky wilds work for us and we are glad there are so many of them. The sticky wilds will activate re-spins until no more matching symbols appear, giving you the opportunity to win big!


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Immense Wisdom

Sure, we know this place is supposedly fictional but man, we wish it wasn’t so. Magical and peaceful and with characters such as Chinese Yoda and the almighty monkey guru, you know the immense wisdom existing within the village would make you feel like a kid listening to grandpas amazing life stories. The vibe is great and the payouts are majestic so if you are a fan of this, just like us, then this slot is for you!