Get Away With the Money in Cops ‘N’ Robbers

Playing cops and robbers as kids was a blast. All the kids from the neighborhood showed up and it was a big thing. Sometimes we played it at night, for the extra mystery, and everyone brought their favorite flashlight. Some kids went all in, as they do, and came with crazy industrial size ones they’d probably “borrowed” from their dad. Anyway, luckily it was just a game as we have a hard time thinking any of us would’ve been able to escape the real cops, had they ever showed. We were all convinced we could but we were also convinced we had seen baby crocodiles down by the lake. If you’re up for the test, then let’s see how well you do in the Cops ‘N’ Robbers slot from Play’N Go.

You Are in for a Challenge

5 Reels and 9 paylines awaits the ones looking to challenge these coppers. Cash, diamonds, treasure chests, watches, paintings, cops, robbers, handcuffs and all part of the cast in this film. As a wild you will be looking for a safe while the police car makes an appearance as the scatter.


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Car Chase Bonus

In order to trigger the Car Chase bonus feature, you need to land 3 or more of the police cars. This is where the action truly begins and as you are the robber in this game, you will be chased by the police force, all while spinning the reels and making as much dinero as possible.


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Make the Right Turn

During the chase you can follow the action up close through the rearview mirror on top of your screen. As you are trying to escape the pursuit, we have all seen enough movies to know you need to make some sharp turns and shake off your tail. The same goes in this slot and the longer you manage to stay away from getting pinned in, the more money you will get away with. Make sure you make the right turn!


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The Fast & The Furious Vibes

This is a slot full of action. It’s fun, there is a lot of money to be made and you get to experience the feeling of being chased by the cops, which made us feel like we were in The Fast & The Furious. The stress came as soon as we noticed the blinking lights in the rearview mirror, but then we realized it is just a game. This is your shot at getting away with a whole bunch of money bags. Enjoy!