Get Interplanetary Wins With ‘It Came from Venus’


Aliens and farmers. Lord knows why our extra-terrestrial cousins favor this particular demographic, but they seem to. And hey, if it means you win some money, more power to them. It Came from Venus slot is a 3D slot featuring an alien plant in the Little Shop of Horrors mold – essentially a giant Venus flytrap with teeth. Happily it brings with it a progressive jackpot currently standing at $19,000, which can be won from a mere $3 bet, so it’s worth risking an encounter.

Placing a Bet

There are three things you need to toggle to set your bet. These are:

  • Choose Coin – You need to choose between $0.01 and $0.02.
  • Bet Per Line – Choose how many coins you want to wager per payline. You can choose between one and five coins.
  • Select Lines – Here you need to choose how many among the 30 paylines you want to activate.

Your total stake is equal to coin size x bet per line x active pay lines.

How to Play and Win

The rules for winning are simple:

  • You must land a combination of same symbols on a line
  • That line must be active and has a bet
  • Wilds substitute for all symbols except the sacks, scatter, and the helicopter
  • Collect five sacks and get free spins
  • Scatter pays with no regards to where they landed

What Can You Win in It Came from Venus?

It Came From Venus offers a $1,250 win in the base game. The slot pays according to currency, so the pay table will adjust according to your bet size. Winning the jackpot involves landing five symbols of our alien plant on a payline, and you must bet the maximum amount. The jackpot will deactivate if you do not wager the max bet. To ensure that you do this, just click on the Max Bet button every time you spin.

it came from venus 2

Since a max bet is required for the top wins, your only chance to win the jackpot is to have enough bankroll to wager at least 100 spins. If this is your aim, you need to activate all lines and bet five coins per line. Even if you bet small, the game pays out in equal proportions, although you will be disqualified from hitting the jackpot.

It Came From Venus is a Progressive Powerhouse!

It Came From Venus is a fun game with the holy grail of a progressive jackpot and lots of laughs along the way. Get playing at BitStarz now and see if you can be the next winner of an interplanetary jackpot!

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