Enjoyed God of War? You’ll Love Dungeon: Immortal Evil slot!

Today, we’ve got a very special treat in store for you, and it’s one we have a feeling you’re going to fall in love with. We’re unveiling an industry first, a slot that’s like no other on the planet, and you can be one of the first players in the world to give it a whirl. Forget reels, forget paylines, for we’re about to play a slot like no other – are you ready to be blown away?

If you’re a fan of RPG games such as God of War, The Witcher, Skyrim, Dark Souls and Devil May Cry then this brand-new slot from Evoplay Entertainment is going to change your life forever. With non-stop action, swords flying all around the screen and a boss battle to rival any epic RPG, Dungeon: Immortal Evil slot is here to change slots forever!

Forget the Reels – It’s All About the Action!

Evoplay Entertainment is totally changing the way we perceive slots with its latest entry, and Dungeon: Immortal Evil is doing it in an epic way. Dungeon: Immortal Evil ditches the classic reels and paylines in favor of an action-based playstyle. Each “spin” sees your character run through a ruined castle, take an almighty leap, smashing his axes into the ground, killing all enemies around him. These enemies then drop various loot items which translate into wins. If you want to get to know your enemy, there is a pretty handy bestiary that you can flick through, learning all about the enemies you will come up against in the base game and bonus modes!

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Massive Wins Around Every Pillar

As your character flies through the castle, chopping down enemies left, right and center, you will quickly start to notice the huge win potential. With rare enemies and special battles along the way, winning big is exciting and fairly frequent. When it comes to the wins on offer, this medium to high volatility game has some exciting bonus modes that give you a chance to win a hefty deal of cash. Your dual axes slice through enemies like butter in the base game, allowing you to explore the castle relatively unchallenged.

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Chests Full of Loot to Help You Out

Just as in all good RPG games, Dungeon: Immortal Evil is jam-packed with chests full of upgrades and loot to help you progress through the game. You will find ample chests in both the base game and bonus modes, just as if you’re raiding a dungeon in your favorite RPG games. In the base game, instead of coming up against enemies, you will run through the archway and approach the chest, opening it to reveal its contents. Be warned though, not all is what it seems – some chests have been replaced by Mimics. These devious creatures will attack you and try to eat you. But, if your hero is up to the battle, you can chop it down and claim the loot!

In free spins, there are chests located after each battle with monsters. These chests can contain coins, new armor, upgraded weapons and even health potions, giving you a fighting chance at surviving and winning the final boss battle!

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Can You Beat the Boss?

Who doesn’t love a good boss battle, especially when you’ve got the gear to absolutely melt it. As your hero smashes his way through the derelict castle, he will come across a portal surrounded by friendly Acolytes. As you dive into the portal, you will be sent straight to a hellish bonus level. Here, you will battle hordes of enemies at every twist and turn, barely surviving some early fights. After each battle, there will be a chest containing either a health potion, upgraded armor, deadlier axes or some coins to help you survive your next battle.

If you manage to survive each twist, turn and battle, you will get a chance to battle the boss – Evil. Evil is a powerful enemy and will require maxed out armor and weapons to beat. This isn’t an easy battle, so only take on Evil if you’re fully rested and are feeling up to the fight. Hack, slash and clobber away while dodging Evil’s powerful attacks and you shall overcome him, winning a generous amount of coins and saving the world from certain death.

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Dungeon: Immortal Evil is a slot like no other, and all RPG fans are going to fall in love with it. Every aspect of this breathtaking game has been designed with love, care and a burning passion to improve the slot industry for the better. You will totally forget you’re playing a slot as it feels like you’re playing a highly polished RPG game from a leading developer. If you enjoy RPG games, you MUST try out Dungeon: Immortal Evil – it would be criminal not to.

The sounds, graphics, animations, battles and concept are all out of this world, creating one of the most enjoyable and exciting experiences we’ve had in a very long time!