Fruit Super Nova slot explodes with stellar casino game action!

It is said that a Supernova is the biggest explosion known to man. The term refers to an exploding star that has come to the end of its life. The light emitted from this explosion can outshine entire galaxies for a while and can radiate more energy than our sun during its entire lifetime. So… where does the Fruit Super Nova slot fit in?

Something fancy about fruit

Fruit Super Nova from Evoplay Entertainment has a classic Vegas-styled theme about it. The game interface is designed to imitate the look of an actual slot machine – button panel and all. When playing the game it’s as though you are actually standing in front of a one-armed bandit in the middle of a Las Vegas casino. Even the back of the casino chair you’d be sitting on can be seen.

You could imagine yourself ordering a drink from the waiter and taking a seat in front of your favorite slot. Your little bucket of coins on your lap, feeding the tokens into the machine and pulling the lever on the side to watch those magical reels spinning, awaiting the exciting moment when you hit a win. It’s safe to say that Fruit Super Nova slot channels the old school casino experience down to the finest detail.


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We all know that there are many, MANY fruit slots out there to choose from. They normally don’t come with an array of special features and bonuses and in most cases, you won’t find these options at all. These slots appeal to players who enjoy the classic identity and feeling supplied by these unpretentious games. They are easy to understand with no confusing bells and whistles to interrupt the ideal and standard gaming experience these slots provide.

When Life gives you lemons…

The Fruit Super Nova slot bears a striking resemblance to these archetypal fruit games. If you are a player who enjoys these classic slots then you’ll be sure to enjoy this one too. The most complicated feature we find is the Scatter, which is not very complicated at all as many of us know.

The Scatter symbol is represented by a star of which you need at least three to get paid out. The best thing about these star symbols is that they can be scattered across the screen in any position and could pay you up to 50x your total bet.


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We see the usual crowd of fruit symbols play their part. The famous cherry symbol is there of course, alongside the orange and plum. And when life gives you lemons… there better be three of them because they don’t pay all that much.

Whoever decided on the payouts odds for these symbols didn’t hold the above-mentioned fruits in high regard, as three of them displayed on a winning pay line award an amount equal to your bet. They do tend to arrive in groups so you would see yourself winning on more than one payline, of which there are 20 in this juicy slot.

How d’you like THEM apples!

Golden Apples are the highest paying symbols which could see you winning up to 250x your bet. So we definitely understand the reason for them being gold plated. Golden Apples appear in many different ethnic folk legends and fairy tales across the world where heroes are depicted retrieving these apples from grumpy monsters who want to ruin everyone’s day. So these golden apples clearly have a metaphoric presence in this slot.

Go for Gold in Fruit Super Nova Slot!

Even though we don’t see many features in this slot, a whopping max win of €375,000 adds all the excitement and motivation needed to keep playing this fruity game. Fruit Super Nova slot has medium volatility and a 96.03% RTP that would see life giving you loads of lemons, and whatever else you need to keep the bucks rolling in.

This game has earned its place among the top tutti-frutti slots of its time, so be sure to check it out. You know what they say, “A golden apple a day keeps the doctor away”…