How to Choose the Right Casino Game to Fit Your Personality

We all have our favorite casino games and those we just can’t seem to get on with. We know the rules, we try to make some headway, but we just don’t feel in tune with the game and we don’t perform well. It may be as simple as our personality not being the right fit for the game. Each person is unique, and this uniqueness can be used to your advantage if you know how. In this article we will look at some personality types and examples of games to which they are best suited. See if you can spot yourself in this list!

The Lone Wolf

Lone wolves are those who prefer their own company and shy away from group games. They can retain their focus and get ‘in the zone’ quickly and are good at strategizing and planning the optimum path to riches. Although intuition plays a big part in their gameplay, lone wolves like to think, and perform best when a tough task is in front of them and they are given space to work it out. For these reasons, poker is a great game for lone wolves, particularly video poker. There are several to choose from like Caribbean and Casino Hold’em at BitStarz that’ll let you unleash your inner wolf.

The Fighter

Fighters thrive when they are in the ‘arena’ scrapping it out with others – they get as much joy from the fight as much as a victory. Solo games are not where the fighter performs best, so they should look for games that require opponents, such as Texas Hold’Em. Games like this are played against other enthusiasts around the world. Think about it this way, fighters thrive in the heat of competition.

The Risk Taker

Risk takers are drawn to games that do not require as much strategy, relying instead on chance. They would quickly get bored planning out a strategy and instead prefer quickfire games where luck plays a big part in the action. As a result, risk takers do well at slots, craps, roulette, and games of that sort. Playing solo or as part of a group doesn’t really come into it for risk takers, who can play either happily.

If You’re Not on the List, You Can Still Come In!

Did you find yourself in the list? If you didn’t, find which of the personality types above fits you the best and use that as a basis to work from to find the types of games you like. If you’re still having trouble identifying your best games, try a few and note which ones you feel the most comfortable playing, as well as the ones you perform better in.

Personality means prizes at BitStarz, as it’s all about finding the games that suit you the best!