How to Set Up 2FA on Your BitStarz Account

BitStarz recently posted an article highlighting the importance of securing your crypto holdings following the $41 million Binance hack last week. Here, we give you an in-depth guide to setting up two-factor authentication (2FA) on your BitStarz account, which is one of the best methods of protecting your money.

How 2FA Works

2FA apps such as Google Authenticator and Authy randomly generate a code every minute or so, which is matched to a specific key associated with your login. In essence, this means that whenever a login asks for your 2FA code, it knows which number to expect and will only unlock if that correct number is entered.

The device running the app does not need to be connected to the internet for this to happen either – in fact we suggest that the device you use for 2FA is connected to the internet as little as possible, ideally never, once you have installed the app. This way you are dramatically reducing the risk of someone stealing it.

How to set up 2FA at BitStarz

At BitStarz we use 2FA to be as sure as possible that access to your account is restricted to you and only you. Below is a step by step guide in setting up 2FA on your BitStarz account:

Step 1

Google Authenticator is usually the preferred choice, but other apps like Authy are worth considering. Having an authenticator app on your device is essential if you want to activate 2FA and ensure total account security when playing at BitStarz.


Step 2

After downloading an authenticator app, you need to then head to the dashboard of your BitStarz account. Select your account from the top of the screen, then “Profile Info”, which is where you’ll see a QR code.


Step 3

Load the authenticator app on your device and – in the case of Google Authenticator – hit the “+” option and scan the barcode, this will enable 2FA.


Step 4

After enabling 2FA, we’ll provide you with five backup codes. Should you ever lose your device and need to gain access to your account, you can input one of these codes to do so. It’s very important that you note down these codes (or print the page), with each code having a single use.


Step 5

Now your BitStarz account is linked to your chosen authenticator app, you’ll need to complete the 2FA process every time you log in. Simply sign-in via the BitStarz login page, confirm the code on the app, and that’s it, you can play all your favorite games knowing that your account is super secure.


If you haven’t figured it out already, 2FA is kind of a big deal, so it’s important that you look to activate it sooner rather than later. Should you have any issues with setting up 2FA our awesome customer service team is on hand to help you out. Now you can deposit funds and start playing at BitStarz with added peace of mind thanks to 2FA!