Mobile Apps to Help Manage Your Casino Bankroll

The most successful online casino players treat their gameplay like it’s a business, keeping track of wins, losses, and expenses. As such, they know where they make the most profit. To make this process easier, spreadsheet software can be employed, but there are now a number of mobile apps that make the process even easier. This article looks at some of the most popular apps that can help you manage and regulate your budgets for online casino play.


Wally helps you control your money by balancing your income and your expenses, providing you with a way to see where your money goes. As a casino player, you can categorize your games into blackjack, poker, live games, etc. When you stop playing, you can easily input the amount of money you spent on a game, as well as your winnings.

Wally also has analytic features that will let you see which of the categories have the highest expenses, and how much you are putting in, allowing you to keep a check on your overall balance and act accordingly.

Clarity Money

This app, recently purchased by Goldman Sachs, is an elegant way to track your spending and debt. The app features a nice dashboard that tells you your financial standing, an account screen that lists the accounts you have linked to the app, and a screen that lists and monitors your transactions. Everything is right in front of you, allowing you a one-look overview of your spending, and certainly deserves the name ‘Clarity Money’.


Mvelopes comes with different plans that allow you to create a budget that will help estimate how much you want to spend on a particular category, which you would set up as online casino play. As you spend, you will be able to categorize which game most of the money was spent on, and then check later if you are within your budget goals. The app will also show you reports to help you understand where you spend the most money, and if you are in a positive or negative position

Make the Most of Your Money

These three apps are great ways to help you manage your casino budget and make sure your money is going into the most profitable games. You should also read our other guides to make the most of your casino play, like how to find the best game for your personality type, to really take advantage of any budgeting you employ.