Understanding How Volatility Impacts Casino Games

Most players are familiar with the concept of return to player (RTP) rates and how that for every 100,000 spins a slot will return a set percentage back to players. While this is an interesting metric to assess next time you’re looking for a new game to play, you also need to take volatility into account. This often-hidden snippet of data will let you know how frequently the slot pays out. Once you understand volatility, it’s a simple case of math to help you develop a slot strategy that brings the house down.

Less Volatile Isn’t Always Better

Most people think that a lower volatility a game will pay out more frequently and is therefore better. However, due to the fact lower volatility games payout more frequently, it means that these wins are more likely to be minute. These small yet frequent wins are not often enough to offset the losses accrued from the occasional spins that lose, meaning you’re not always better off with low volatility slots. So, while it feels as if you’re winning more frequently, these wins will never make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.

More Volatility Means Bigger Wins

As you can guess, if a game is more volatile, you are more likely to receive a bigger payout sooner or later – with smaller payouts at regular intervals being less likely. These slots will still have a very good RTP, but it will only pay out three or four times across those 100,000 spins. Yet, these three of four payouts are so huge it gives the slot a high RTP. This makes games with high volatility the most likely to make you very wealthy in just a few spins. However, with more volatility comes more results that are losses, so balance out your expectations – it’s unlikely you will win on your first spin.

Feeding a Slot Until it Pops

This is one of the most common misconceptions of slots. The more you feed a slot, the more chance you have of scoring a major win, but it doesn’t guarantee a major win at all. Think of it like flipping a coin – you have a 50:50 chance of getting either heads or tails. If you flip it 10 times, you could very well get tails 9 times and heads once – it doesn’t mean the coin is rigged. Slots and coin flips are similar in the sense that the events are totally random, and coincidences will occur.

It’s likely that you get the same result a number of times before you get the result you’re looking for. Playing volatile slots is just like flipping a coin – only its 5 coins all at once and you need the same result on each one – you’re playing against the law of averages.

Best Low Volatility Slots

If you like to play it safe and see the coins rolling in regularly, we have some great low volatility slots for you at BitStarz Casino. While these might not be to your taste theme-wise, they’ll give you a great insight into the world of low volatility games.

Blood Suckers II Slot – NetEnt

Blood Suckers II slot is packed full of bonus games, free spins, and wilds, giving the illusion it’s really a high volatility game – but, you would be wrong to assume so.

Blood Suckers II slot - Bitstarz

These features make it the perfect game for a beginner looking to get into the world of slots and practice these complex bonus rounds in preparation for tackling some of the higher volatility slots out there.

The Legend of Shangri-La – Cluster Pays Slot – NetEnt

The Legend of Shangri-La – Cluster Pays slot isn’t your traditional slot, but instead is a cluster pay – as the name suggests. It’s one of the lowest volatility cluster pay games out there and you can quickly rack up the wins with sticky respins, free spins, mystery symbols, and much more.

The Legend of shangri-la slot - Bitstarz

On top of that, the relaxing soundtrack will have you meditating with the monks in no time.

Best High Volatility Slots

If you fancy trying your hand at some of the more volatile slots on offer in the hope of striking a massive win, we have some treats lined up for you. While we can’t promise you will strike it rich, these are the right games to get stuck into.

Immortal Romance Slot – Quickfire

Immortal Romance slot is still one of the most popular online slots around the world, and for a good reason. There are 243 ways to win on this slot with four different bonus games and a max payout for a single spin of 3,645,000 coins.

Immortal romance slot - Bitstarz

If you strike the jackpot, remember who taught you about these high volatility games.

Break Da Bank Again Slot – Quickfire

If you quite literally want to break our bank, you are going to want to play Break Da Bank Again slot. It’s one of Quickfire’s most popular slots, as with 25 free spins and an up to 25x multiplier, this game is loaded reel to reel with action.

Break da bank again slot - Bitstarz

If you manage to strike the mega win on this slot, you could well make it into BitStarz’s record books as one of our biggest ever winners.

Now you know the secrets of online slots volatility. Armed with this knowledge you can clean out virtually any casino you want, with the cash at BitStarz Casino is just waiting to be grabbed. Just look for the games with the volatility that suits your play style. Always remember, that while low volatility games might pay out more frequently, you’re less likely to score a massive win when compared to a more volatile game.