Leave It to the Aztecs to Bring the Big Wins in Aztec Spins Slot

The Aztecs are at it again and when they tell you to spin, you spin. Heading down to South America for another exciting treasure hunt is as appealing as ever and when Red Tiger sets you up with a round trip to the brand new Aztec Spins slot, you know there will be some challenges but also a ton of rewards.

In true Indiana Jones fashion the stone wheels are a classic attribute of the Aztec themed slots and if you get the the Aztec Wheel spinning in this slot, you should be able to return home with a ton of memories and bags filled with a 4,983x multiplier and a €249,150 max win. That should make for a pretty nice return flight, wouldn’t you say?

Meet the Glowing Eye

Staring down at 6 reels and 30 red hot paylines will get you going and when the traditional Aztec design shines through, you have arrived. In terms of what you will see on the reels you will find the golden temple, two Aztec masks, a twin snake symbol and an inscribed shape with a glowing eye in the middle. That should be enough to trigger your senses.


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Spin and Win With the Aztec Wheel

We mentioned the wheel earlier and this is the pièce de résistance of the game and impossible to miss. Failing miserably to hide behind the reels, this beast of a wheel is referred to as the Aztec Wheel.


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There is a massive 2×2 Aztec Wheel symbol that should be your focus. You want to land this baby for all to see on reels 3 and 4. This will kickstart the wheel and get it spinning. All special features will be triggered by this wheel so let’s take a look at what they are and what you can take advantage of.

Locked Symbols – If the wheel stops on a symbol, that particular symbol will be locked on the reels and as the reels will spin, these guys will guarantee a win.

Stacking Multiplier – Your next win will get a nice 10x multiplier boost. If you’re lucky, this can turn into a 30x multiplier with more Aztec Wheel spins before the next win. When you’ve made it all the way up to 30x and the multiplier hasn’t been applied yet, you will get respins.

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Free Spins – You should keep in mind that the Aztec Wheel will show up more frequently during your free spins. Sounds like a play!

Secure Your Piece of the Pie

Slot Wars might not be an Aztec invention but it may as well be because it is fantastic. Secure your part of the €5,000 jumbo prize pot that’s up for grabs each and every week.