Meet the Funkiest Festival-Heads Ever in Fortune Llama Slot!

When I chose the game Fortune Llama slot to review, I got so excited to spin the story Napoleon Dynamite and “Tina, you fat lard” style…

But then I started to play it and very quickly realized I may as well be watching The Masked Slot Character because I am pretty sure the llama is Calvin Harris, and we’re at a Calvin Harris concert, or in one of his Funk Wav Bounces music videos at the very least.

Can I just say this is one of the coolest, most fun slots I have hung out with in a long time. And that’s not because other slots are shit, it’s because this one is so insanely good.

Not perfect. But insanely good. Let’s check it out.

The funkiest llama you ever did see

Relax just released a banger, and I wish you could tell how exciting this game is from the cover. It’s wild. So, I do hope you’re reading this because I don’t want you missing out on the chance of winning up to €212,250 while having a total razzle on the reels.

Our resident raving llama is joined by some of the smoothest fest-heads I’ve ever seen. And they’re made up of a flamingo, gorilla, pig, bear, and zebra. My kinda crew.

The special symbols you need to know about are the Bonus Scatter and the Wild Symbol. And this is only the tip of the iceberg so stay tuned.


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Big spins and wild wild wins

One of the main game features in this medium volatility slot is the Big Spin. Basically, every time a Llama Symbol lands on the reels, its position will be highlighted in gold. Once all 15 positions have been highlighted, then the Big Spin feature will activate.

Remember, it’s a crawl, not a sprint. It takes time (and money) to spin and spin to eventually have a Llama land on all respective positions needed. But it’s worth it.

Wild Symbols are promised to land on reels 1 and 2, leaving the rest of the columns open for the Giant Llama to land. And once he does, regular Llama Symbols will be revealed with cash prizes allocated and awarded to them.

P.S. This is where the Wild Wild Features comes in. The Wilds on the first 2 reels shoot out cash prizes to the individual Llamas.


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Fortune meter and free spins

I felt like the Fortune Meter was the be-all and end-all of this game, watching it ever so slowly fill up. But it’s not. It’s only responsible for the Multiplier you’ll receive in the Free Spins round.

So, you don’t need to wait 100+ spins to fill it up to get to the bonus. The bonus comes when landing 3 Bonus Scatters on the reels.

You’ll get 3 spins to land as many Llamas as you can. And they will reset with each new one secured. By the end of it all, the Wild Wild Feature will take its place and cash prizes will be awarded to each Llama, and ultimately, to you.


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Fortune Llama is not perfect – but still insanely good

Here are the pits of this 96% RTP slot…

There are a lot of amazing features, but no immediate way to access them. Yip, no Buy Bonus. Hence, be prepared to go gray as you wait to get to the good stuff.

And the wait is real. You need 100 Llamas to land on the reels before you can even increase your Bonus Multiplier. Plus, who’s to say they land on every spin? They don’t. So make that a rough 200/300 spins.

But before I got aggravated, I practiced patience, and I landed up LOVING Fortune Llama slot – and I have a feeling you will too.