Load up on Your Vitamin Cash With the Juicy Opal Fruits Slot

Fruits in outer space isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind if you are brainstorming ideas for a theme, but we tip our imaginary hat to Big Time Gaming as they unleash their great new Opal Fruits slot. If you are looking to win big, you definitely need to give this one a go!

If we are being honest, it doesn’t matter if there is fruit, elephants, skateboards or juke boxes. With a €366,000 max win up for grabs, it can be a game about watching paint dry, you still want that max win. As you hunt it down, take advantage of the multiplier wilds and free spins as they can be real difference makers.

With that said, we would prefer not having to stare at paint dry and surely you feel the same. Let’s start spinning and see what this baby is all about!

Welcome to Outer Space

Is this the circle of life? Who knows, but space will take you on a fruitful (excuse the pun) adventure in true vintage spirit across 6 reels and 5,625 paylines. The reels are 3 rows deep and you will also see an additional reel both above and below the others that will also come into play.


Play Now

Life in space is unpredictable, hence a very high volatility but with a generous 96.75% RTP, 36,600x multiplier and €366,000 max win, heading into space is exactly what you want to do.

Hello Reaction Feature

So what features are hiding in space? Well, first of all the Reactions feature is in full force, meaning that with each win, you will get an extra chance for more. All symbols involved in the win will disappear and get replaced with new fresh ones, giving you a chance to keep winning, all in the same spin.

It’s a Multiplying Kind of Day

Keep an eye out for wilds, especially the 3x multiplier wild that will triple every win it is a part of. Should you land more than one of them, don’t worry, they will multiply with each other for an even bigger win. Nice!

How to Get Free Spins

Knowing how to spell may not guarantee you free spins but when you manage to land symbols spelling F-R-E-E, the feature is triggered and you will get 10 free spins to play with.

Play Now

If you feel like it, landing more than the 4 scatters is beneficial. Should you get 5 or 6 scatters, your free spins will then come with a 5x and a 10x multiplier, respectively.

Each of your wins will give your multiplier a +1 boost and since you are in space, they are limitless. In other words you can spin with increasing multipliers until they discover a new planet, as long as you keep landing wins.

Time for takeoff

A space adventure where you can rack up this amount of money will appeal to everyone so make sure to swing by the launchpad, get onboard the rocketship and head straight for the big wins in the Opal Fruits slot. Be safe and good luck!