This is Why You Suck at Playing Blackjack

When it comes to blackjack, so many people like to find excuses for why they ended up losing a whole bunch of money. But, it turns out that none of those excuses are the true reason you lost at blackjack. It’s your game that sucks.

So, we’re going to run you through the top reasons as to why people suck at blackjack so you can boost your game and start winning. Nobody wants to lose when playing blackjack, so read this guide and stop sucking at blackjack!

You Invent Your Own Patterns

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is spotting your own patterns and then blaming these patterns for your losses. Whether the pattern is a type of dealer, the pattern on the back of cards, the seat you sit in or whether the player before you hits or not, these are all patterns that are why you suck at blackjack. Any pattern that you can’t run on a computer simulation over hundreds of thousands of hands and find a correlation is a bum pattern. All patterns work in hindsight, but genuine patterns show up after hundreds of thousands of hands. So, stop making excuses and looking for patterns!

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You Don’t Double Down and Surrender at the Correct Moment

It’s no secret that in blackjack there are hands that give you the upper hand and some that are total junk. If you’re playing blackjack properly using basic strategy, then you should know what to do on these hands. But, if you don’t know how to play basic strategy, then there is a good chance you’re throwing money down the drain. Learn basic strategy and you will be able to get the most out of your hands. If you double down at the right moment, then you are essentially winning free money from the casino. On the other hand, surrendering your hard 16 will cost you a lot less than hitting and going bust. So, learn basic strategy and fix these issues in your blackjack game.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Bust

If you’re not hitting when basic strategy tells you that you should simply because you’re scared to bust, then you’re going to end up losing a lot of money. Take the no bust bet strategy for example. This strategy says that you should stand on a hard 12 or higher in a bid to prevent you from busting. However, the math isn’t on your side. Over thousands of hands, you will lose 10x as much money from this strategy compared to hitting and risking the bust. So, don’t throw that money away, follow basic strategy and hit when it’s safe to do so!

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Avoid the Side Bets like the Plague

Side bets might seem like a good idea with the huge payouts on offer, but in reality, they’re worse than the plague for your bankroll. Just like playing the lottery, your chance of pulling off a win using side bets is incredibly slim. There is one exception to the rule, and that’s if you’re a card counter. So, unless you’re a card counter or have a weird compulsion to lose all of your money, avoid the side bets in blackjack.

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Stick to these tips and your blackjack game will go from sucking to legendary overnight. While learning basic strategy might take you a bit of time to do, it’s worth it in the long run if you want to take the casino for all its money!