Roll the Dice and Pray for Box Cars in Live Craps!

Craps is one of the hardest games to play at a casino, owing to the fact the rules are like no other table game. So, for that reason we strongly advise you to have a read up on how to play craps before you dive into this new live game here at BitStarz, because otherwise you can run into a lot of trouble pretty quickly.

That being said, once you’ve mastered the rules and the types of bets, you can make a pretty decent bit of cash if you get the right outcomes on the dice. Are you ready to meet Live Craps from Evolution Gaming? We know we are!

Amazing Live Craps Action

If you love to play craps, you’ll appreciate all the hard work that has gone into creating this live dealer craps. To prevent any cheating on the part of the provider, Evolution has implemented an automatic throwing system, and the dice are loaded into it the same way they land. The table is very well laid out and the other scenery is top notch, as we’ve come to expect from Evolution over the years.

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You’ve got all your classic craps bets, as well as some advanced bet management systems to help more advanced players get their bets on in time for the next round. If you’re not so advanced, there is an easy bet mode as well, which allows you to have all the fun of live craps, but with a simpler interface.

Are You Betting the Field?

The field is arguably one of the most popular bets in live craps thanks to the fact that your winnings are doubled with two of its possible winning combinations. But, if you want to check out which bet players are making the most, just look in the background and you’ll see a popular bet screen, showing you what everyone is betting on.

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As with all other live dealer games from Evolution, the dealer does change every so often, so if you believe in lucky and unlucky dealers, you won’t need to wait long before a new dealer will come to the table and shake up the luck.

Catch You at the Table!

Live Craps has been a very long time coming, and now it’s here, we simply cannot get enough. It’s certainly not one for beginners, so if you honestly have no clue about craps, it’s well worth checking out a guide on how to play craps before you get stuck in – the best can get rather complicated!