Night at KTV Welcomes You to a Night of Karaoke and Epic Payouts

Drunkenly belting out “My heart will go on” in front of a bunch of strangers at a shady bar has never been considered a fun night out for us. Some people love it and believe it’s their ticket to American Idol, but based on our experience the majority of these self proclaimed Beyonces and Justin Biebers should probably stick to the shower singing. Then again, if we could really sing, perhaps it would be a hoot but that’s neither here nor there.

If you want to get a glimpse of this nocturnal activity, take a look at Night at KTV slot as it lays it all out for you, red carpet and all.

Welcome to KTV

GameArt pulled out all the stops for this slot and the wardrobe budget must have been insane. To be honest, it’s hard to tell if this is supposed to be a night in front of the microphone or if it’s more of a “lady palace” but let’s stick with the Karaoke theme for now. The red carpet is laid out and welcomes you to the KTV club where you will meet the 3 sexy hostesses at the door, ready to give you the grand tour.

The night is young but the options are many. With a fully stacked bar, pool tables and Karaoke, this place is packed each and every night. Oh, did we mention there’s gambling in the back? More on that later. The big shot in a suit is in for quite a night with Mamasan as the wild and a bonus symbol 100% zoomed in on the dice.


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Spicy Dice Game

We mentioned there is gambling on these premises and if you have any interest in making money, you need to check this out. The bonus symbol is your ticket to the race so make sure to land at least 3 of them or you’re not going. It’s as simple as that!

In the One and Six dice game, the hostess is in charge of all the cups and the point is to flip your cup full of dice and empty it before she does. Collect the number 1’s and prepare to get paid!


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Collect Winning Combos

If you thought this was a regular club, you would be wrong. Every spin that results in a win creates an official winning combo that keeps on counting. At the end of these spins, the symbols involved explode and new ones cascade into the empty lots. These winning combos add up and multiple winning cascade combos will result in free spins.


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We Had a Blast

Ok, we hold our hands up and admit being wrong. A night of singing, boozing, gambling and whatever else turned out to be a blast. The fact that you can leave the club with more cash than when you went in is something we can live with every single night we go out! Next time you need to come with us!