Take Home Bundles of Cash in Big Win Baccarat!

When you’re playing baccarat, it’s critical that you’ve got access to the very best stats and insights. Unfortunately, not all live dealer games have the best layouts for ease of access when it comes to these stats. Couple this with the short time between rounds and you could end up taking quite a hefty loss as you don’t have enough time to spot patterns emerging.

So, get ready for Big Win Baccarat. Big Win Baccarat gives you all the time in the world and some of the most in-depth stats you could ever ask for, helping you to maximize your baccarat profits!

Sleek and Tasty Gameplay

Unlike live dealer baccarat, RNG baccarat such as Big Win Baccarat from iSoftBet gives you total freedom over your gameplay. While you won’t have a pretty live dealer to look at and make jokes with, you will have total control over the play speed. Carrying a max bet of €15 per hand, you can take home 11x your stake as the biggest win from a single bet in Big win Baccarat. While this is by no means a big win, you’ve got total control over the gameplay and unparalleled access to insights.

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What we love about Big Win Baccarat is the way that the payouts are clearly labelled on the play area. Too many live dealer games don’t warn you that Banker has a lower payout than any other option on the table, increasing the house edge and cutting your chances of walking out with a profit in your pocket. The helpful rebet button and double stake button makes playing round after round nice and easy.

Use the Stats to Win

In the world of baccarat, there’s not enough emphasis put on the importance of stats. In a land-based casino, you can use a trick called edge sorting to increase your chances, but in an online casino, you don’t have this luxury. So, to give yourself the best chance at winning, you need to check out the stats. In Big Win Baccarat you’ve got the big road on the left-and side and outcome statistics on the right-hand side. It’s these statistics that we love so much as they break down the percentage of rounds that have ended in a particular outcome. You will struggle to find this on a live dealer game, so really use this to your advantage.



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Big Win Baccarat gives you the power to control the game speed and gives you crazy detailed statistics that will help you play smart bets and win big bucks at the baccarat table. If you’re wise, you’re going to switch to this epic version of baccarat to help your pockets become flush with coin once more!