Sleigh the Holidays with BitStarz and the Santa’s Rush – Level Up!

Dodge the unwanted mom advice and the never-ending Die Hard debate this holiday with BitStarz, because our Santa’s Rush – Level Up is your escape away from holiday chaos!

We’re always around for you, and have something we think might be better than tolerating Cousin Carole’s ongoing rambles about knitting and scarves – an adventure where you can win more than a plastic toy in a $1 Xmas cracker.

Jingle through our holiday-favorite map, passing iconic Christmas references, including Gremlins who aren’t winning dental awards. It’s a festive celebration fit for the Grinch!

What do you say? Dust off your ugly Christmas sweater and prepare for a holiday adventure like no other.

Mariah’s defrosting and so is $70,000

When we think of Christmas, we think of tradition; Home Alone shenanigans, the grump of Whoville, and Mariah Carey, of course.

Yeah, yeah, elves, reindeer and Santa Claus are around too. But really, what would a festive promotion be without John McClane hiding in an air vent?

There’s a lot of fun around every turn in the Santa’s Rush – Level Up, not to mention $70,000 to bag, broken up into $50,000 worth of individual prizes and $20,000 in cash!

Here’s how to sleigh your way to Santa

Our adventure map has 41 levels with exciting prizes dished out for each one that’s beat. On your merry way around Santa’s Rush – Level Up, you’ll receive all sorts of goodies like Free Spins and Bonus Money. But, passing Level 41 is where you’ll receive your $20,000 in cash!

Now, you might be wondering how to work the map and make moves for mega money. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as trying to fit a fat dude down a chimney.

All you need to do is play BitStarz games. Any of them, because playing our games will get you collecting the points you need to climb the leaderboard and move from level to level.

‘Tis the Level Up to play!

With big prizes up for grabs, and laughs around every turn, BitStarz’ Santa’s Rush – Level Up is the entertainment you need this holiday!

It’s the perfect way to ring in the season and the perfect way to get some peace when your sister decides to go head-to-head with your girlfriend. Fun.

Play it until 5 January 2024.

Happy holidays!