Rule Pirate Gold Level Up Adventure and Win a 1kg Gold Bar!

Grab your best buccaneer outfit as our most action-filled promotion yet, Pirate Gold Level Up Adventure is about to take you on a crazy ride through pirate-infested waters!

In BitStarz Pirate Gold Level Up Adventure, you can fill up on €50,000 in individual prize pools for navigating your ship the right way while snatching up trendy BitStarz merchandise along the way. If your ship reaches level 40 before the competition, you will find a shiny €10,000 in cash waiting for you.

Oh yeah, all pirates reaching level 40 before the sun sets on the race, will be handed the key to the secret Level 41, where an epic battle for 1kg in gold (value €50,000) will begin!

One Lucky Player Will Win €10k and 1kg in Gold

In classic BitStarz fashion, there are 40 levels for you to complete in Pirate Gold Level Up Adventure.

As you fight your way through each of the challenging levels, you will unlock the €50,000 individual prize pool. It’s a race and if you are the one completing all 40 levels ahead of all other pirates, you can fill your treasure chest with a smashing €10,000 cash. That’s a pretty hefty booty for you to spend however you please.

Pirates are never satisfied with one simple treasure however, regardless of its size. Therefore, this time around we have added another level. All buccaneers that reach the end before the time expires will be invited to Level 41, where things certainly step up a notch. An epic battle will take place for the pièce de résistance, the ultimate pirate booty of 1kg in gold – boom!

Stay Tuned for Tips and News!

As always, we’re going to dish out tips and tricks to help you navigate the rough waters faster than Jack Sparrow could ever dream about. Over the coming weeks we’ll post handy guides to help you level up faster, so make sure you stay tuned to the BitStarz blog. Keep checking back to get the inside scoop on this adventure of a lifetime that could not only put €10,000 in your pocket, but also a 1kg gold bar.

Keep a Close Eye on the Map

Navigating your ship through 41 pirate-infested levels might seem like a massive challenge, but never fear, as it’s definitely easier than it looks. To make sure you stay on course, we’re going to give you a glimpse of the map. Familiarize yourself with every rock, shallow waters, and sneaky pirates that will be lurking.


Grabbing the action Pirate Gold Level Up Adventure is easy, we’ve made it that way so you can have maximum fun without having to worry about the small stuff. All you have to do is follow these quick and easy steps to start leveling up and get your hands on 1kg of gold and €10,000 in cash.

Step 1 – Login (or register) at BitStarz.
Step 2 – Claim the super-generous Welcome Package if you haven’t already.
Step 3 – Play any game at BitStarz casino – don’t worry, we will automatically enter you into Pirate Gold Level Up Adventure so you won’t miss a second of the action.
Step 4 – Keep an eye on your progression bar to see how you’re doing and your current level.

Hurry Up and Set Sail!

Pirate Gold Level Up Adventure is now live, so climb aboard and head out on the high seas on your quest for the gold – hurry though, as the others are already on their merry way!