How to Modify the Martingale System to Improve Your Chances

The Martingale betting strategy originated in 18th century France and quickly became the favorite strategy of casino goers. The strategy insists that gamblers double each losing wager until they finally land a winning bet. This one win will then be enough to recover all losses plus reclaim the initial bet. However, as a strategy it can quickly get out of hand and bankrupt players that don’t have the power to cover escalating costs. That being said, with just a few tweaks to the original age-old system, you can elongate your playtime and stand a better chance of winning more cash from a casino.

Let’s begin by walking you through the original Martingale system, so you can become familiar with the basics using roulette as an example – but you can use this strategy in virtually every aspect of casino play. Although, we hope you won’t need it in blackjack, especially after we gave you the best tips to walk away from the table with your pockets full. Without any delay, let’s dive right into our explanation of the famous Martingale system.

The Martingale 1.0

Let’s say you have a bank roll of €1,000, you will only be able to play five hands before your cash runs out – so you need to strike a win early on. Your first bet in this scenario would need to be a €10 bet and you have to put it on either red, black, even, or odds for it to work effectively. Some players advocate picking six random numbers and using the same strategy, and while the rewards are much higher, you have less chance of it paying off before you go bust.

After you place your bet on red, black, even, or odds you let the roulette wheel spin. If you lose, place €20 on the same outcome you picked before – remember, if you change outcome midway through using the system you’re likely to end up nullifying its results. If this bet fails to come in you would up the same bet to €40 and so on, all in the hope of making €10 profit until you burn through your €1,000 bankroll.

The Martingale 2.0

With a few tweaks, you can give yourself an extra hand to play and therefore more chance of success. Using the same scenario with the same €1,000 bankroll, after losing the first two spins, instead of jumping to a €40 bet, use a €30 bet. While a win with this won’t actually net you any profit, you will return yourself to your original starting position. You then use the same doubling system should the €30 bet lose and so forth. This will give you an extra hand to recover your position and more chance of heading home with a nice kitty.

After the first two bets, you will always return back to your starting position by wagering the amount you have lost. While this won’t actually net you any more money, it’s more of a protection system that will help protect your bankroll for as long as possible – giving you a better chance of walking away from the casino with more money to your name.

Other Applications for the System

As we mentioned earlier, you can use this system in virtually every aspect of casino play, whether it be betting on sports, blackjack, or any other form of gaming. Due to its success rate it’s very popular in both land-based and online casinos, and is one of the reasons tables have max bets – in fact, it’s also the reason zeros were added to the roulette wheel.

Other tips to take away from this masterclass would be to always take any profits and put them to one side. This way you won’t mix up your bankroll count and risk losing more than the bet will yield. While the original Martingale will always allow you to turn up a winning bet if your bankroll is big enough, it’s slightly more dangerous to use. This is something that should always be at the back of your mind.

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