Speed Your Way to Victory in Fruit’O Mania with These Top Tips


Fruit’O Mania is the hottest event of the summer here at BitStarz, and we know how much you want to win that trip to Las Vegas. All you have to do is blast through 40 levels and be the first player to reach the finish line to bag yourself and one guest a luxurious trip of a lifetime all the way to Las Vegas. On top of this epic trip, there is €50,000 in individual prize pools up for grabs, so even if you don’t make it to Vegas there are tons of goodies for you to scoop up.

We know figuring out the perfect strategy can be difficult, so we’ve put together a few fun tips to help you boost your chances of bagging yourself that trip to Las Vegas – just don’t tell our boss we gave you the cheats!

Spin Those Slots

When it comes to levelling up, you need to focus on the games that give you more bang for your buck. Slots count 100% towards the wager requirement to pass through levels, so it’s best to focus your attention on slots. Slots with turbo spins mode such as Wolf Gold and Fire Lightning are very popular with players that reach level 40, so consider spinning the reels on these games as well.

Tables Count Too

If you’re a table lover, don’t worry – table games count too. While table games count towards your level progression, they only count 5% – meaning you need to play a lot more hands to have the same effect. That being said, table games can be more lucrative, meaning you can play for longer and get more hands for your kitty. Back in May, we saw one lucky player rumble the Blackjack tables to scoop $720,192 in three hands. So, if you’re a pro Blackjack player, then perhaps table games could be your winning ticket.

Keep an Eye Out for Speed Boosts

Throughout the duration of Fruit’O Mania there will be epic bonus drops, speed boosts and other goodies. Keep an eye on your email inbox, the BitStarz blog and the Fruit’O Mania page. Plan your day and activities around these promotions, as they could be the difference between being the first to level 40 and getting stuck on level 39 – you don’t want to miss out on Las Vegas because you missed an email!

Good luck out there, Fruit’O Mania has it all. Make sure you take full advantage of these tips so you can blast through the levels and win that trip to Las Vegas – just remember to take us with you!

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