Swing at the Reels and Show You Are Worthy of the Sword of Khans!

Your troops are ready to go to battle for you and are holding tight while awaiting your orders. Genghis Khan, the ruthless Mongolian leader is rumoured to allegedly have been responsible for reducing the world’s population with up to 11% which sounds absolutely crazy. His sword, made out of crucible steel, is just as famous or should we say infamous as the tyrant himself. In the Sword of Khans slot by Thunderkick you will get a chance to experience just how effective it is and if you deem yourself worthy, who knows, perhaps there are still some powers left in it to be used on the reels.

One thing is for sure, it can lead the way to a lot of treasures Genghis himself would have loved to steal. How about a 10,000 x your stake payout?

Conquer the Reels Like Genghis Himself

It’s a visually very appealing slot and when the backdrop is set in the steep Mongol mountain range, you can only imagine the terrain Genghis and his troops had to overcome and conquer back in the day. What you need to conquer are the 5 reels that stand in the way between you and a nice payday. They are filled with warrior themed symbols such as a shield, armour, helmet and Genghis Khan himself and if you look closely, he will actually blink so be careful what you say out loud as one of his secrets was having eyes and ears everywhere.


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Keep Swinging to Get Free Spins

It is of course the sword symbol that will lead you to the land of free spins and in order to get there you need to land at least 3 of them. The number of spins will be randomly selected and can be anywhere between 5 to 15. Being the sword swinging barbarian that you are, you only need to land 2 sword symbols in this part of the game to retrigger your free spins.

To make your bonus round extra juicy, a symbol will be randomly chosen to be expanded during your spins. This will help you and perhaps it’s Genghis that wants to show that he is still around and can rise from the dead if he so chooses. The expanded symbol can bring a multiplier of up to x3.

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The Spirit Lives On

The spirit of Genghis is definitely still in the sword and it will help you conquer the reels and lead you to win after win. While you are busy conquering, why not try and conquer Slot Wars as it can bring you even more joy and also a nice pile of cold, hard cash. Does €5,000 ring a bell?