Is Origins of Lilith – 10 Lines Slot the Best of the Bunch?

Say a little prayer player, the sultry yet satanic Lilith is back at BitStarz and ready to raise hell and do deadly damage. Yup, Spinomenal has just released Origins of Lilith – 10 Lines slot to compliment the diabolical series.

As much as I want Lilith to like me (I’m pretty petrified of her), I need to dive deep into the underworld to see if this new slot is the best of the Origins of Lilith bunch. And I can tell you now, it isn’t – I say while grinding my teeth in internal terror and turmoil.

Lilith is probably looking up at me as a woman scorned… But not today Satan, not today. This review is all about you!

A look back at Origin of Lilith slots

This fiery she-demon is the protagonist of what is now a 3-slot series. The first time she came to curse online casino play was in March 2020 with the original debut of Origins of Lilith slot.

She clearly cast the right spells on spinners because the second, Origins of Lilith Expanded Edition slot came to the earth’s surface in May 2020 and has an exciting 6th reel.

And just when we thought we were safe from this sexy sod, the March 2022 release of Origins of Lilith – 10 Lines slot reminded us that there’s nowhere to hide.


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Dare we talk about the lines

The new 10-lines variant of the series is a nod to a more classic take on slots. However, the previous two slots both boast 25-lines.

The more lines, the more ways to win. So while I respect Spinomenal going back to the roots of reels with fewer paylines on offer… 25-lines are better to play in the modern-day (in my opinion).

It’s true that there is a whole classic community who prefers to keep things simple and the 10-lines version does do that. But in a world where we always want more – I want more paylines for more payouts.

With this said, Origins of Lilith – 10 Lines slot sure does pay, but only up to €37,500 where Origins of Lilith Expanded Edition slot offers up to €75,000, which is the kind of win amount that tickles my devil tail.


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There’s nothing else that’s different to divulge

You can expect the same torturous thrills in the new 10-lines version that you’ve become used to in the case of its purgatory predecessors.

This medium volatility, 96.31% RTP slot still shocks with the original inferno of fabulous features. You got it – same design, same symbols, same shivers.

And there are also the same 4 Free Spin Modes, Bonus Rounds, Extra Wilds, Only Double Symbol Spins, and Buy Bonus features to award flaming fortunes in Origins of Lilith – 10 Lines slot.

So not much has changed… Only the paylines.


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Origins of Lilith Expanded Edition takes the cursed crown!

Let me tell you straight, Lilith, all the games you ghoul are fantastic – the bonuses are burning, the features are flaming, and the graphics are on fire.

But if I had to choose 1 of these 3 slots to spin, it would be Origins of Lilith Expanded Edition slot because of its 6th reel. Maybe it’s the curse of having too many options. I would be happy with the original.

If you’re a lover of Lilith’s or someone who loathes her, then best you make her happy and give her new Origins of Lilith – 10 Lines slot a try.